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How To Get Unhooked

Life in 2019 is fused with technology, it’s everywhere and we love it. I can barely remember the days where smartphones didn’t play a large part of our daily habits. Let’s face it, we’re hooked. But did you know that technology companies actually design their products and services for us to get hooked? While I love using all convenient apps on my phone, I would also love to reduce screen time on my phone. I would love to use all that time more productive or more meaningful, like spending quality time, unwind or do some wedding planning. Therefore, I thought if we figure out how we got hooked, we’ll learn how to unhook.

How to practice self love

Lately, I have been exhausted during the weekends since starting a new job last November has been quite challenging. It’s super fun and I enjoy it, but it does come with its toll on my energy. On one of my commutes home, I heard on a podcast (don’t recall which one that was, but will add the link if I remember it later) that the tiredness doesn’t necessarily come from working too hard. Feeling tired comes from not resting well. Resting means a good sleep on one hand, but also about doing the things you love and get energy from. So, in practicing more self-love I decided to do more energizing activities in the weekend. After a month of energizing weekends, I am sharing my personal self-love tips with you today!

The Boyfriend Article – Part One

As career lions, we think (secretly believe) we are managing ourselves pretty well (tune in independent woman song). In contrast with the song we’re not quite buying our own diamonds and own rings yet (maybe the candy ones). However, we would be lying if we’d say there are no supportive significant others that have our backs. Therefore, it is time to meet the boyfriends this week! Today we will be getting to know Liona’s boyfriend a little bit, before we will hear the dirt about Ashley’s significant other this Thursday.

Why you need some lavender in your life

Lavender is not only a great color, it is also an awesome (and quite underrated) herb. Today’s blogpost will dig into why it’s so great and offers tips to include some more lavender into your daily routines. Lavender is a strong scented plant with purple florals originating from the Mediterranean. Lavender is known for its natural healing purposes. Curious to know how this herb can help you optimize your performance? Make sure to read on!

Five things they don’t teach you in university

Oh yes, September has arrived. Some of you might just have started a new semester at university or college and some of you are working. In addition, some of you might be in the limbo space between the first two. For those in the last group, this blog post is dedicated to you. When I just started out with my first full-time job, there were a few things I wasn’t prepared for. Simply, because nobody tells you these in university or college. If you’re curious to know what I’ve learned and wish I would have known earlier, keep on reading!

How to Overcome Obstacles

The past year has been quite turbulent. Lots of happy stuff happened, but I also had to deal with a number of disappointments concerning my health. The latest one being my blood results that came back with some rather negative values. My go-to book, whenever I am disappointed, is Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle Is The Way.

Sneak peek into shopping like a #girlboss

Oh goodness, last week I got my little sneak peek into being a #girlboss, as I had my first experience with a personal shopper! I always imagine #girlbosses and #powerwomen to have a stylist or personal shopper. Who will make sure they’ll always look fabulous, even though they won’t have the time to go shopping elaborately themselves. As for me I have always loved some parts of fashion, but it isn’t something that is at the top of mind in my daily life. I work in the infrastructure business, which means that clothing first and foremost needs to be comfortable, practical, neat, and according to safety standards (on those days I visit construction project sites). I do my best to look cute, but that isn’t my main priority. Therefore, with two big events in the Young Talent Award competition coming up, I was really grateful to get some help from a professional shopper. Curious to know how the shopping spree went? Make sure to read on!

Why you need communication agility

Previously, we have zoomed in on our personal preferences from being introverted or extraverted. We’ve told you about how we deal with social environments and work schedules. Today we’re diving a little bit deeper and zoom into communication styles. If you’re interested in recognizing not only your own communication style but also from others, make sure to read on. This blogpost will assess the communication model from (Dutch) whitepaper Waarom begrijp je me niet? (translation: Why don’t you understand me?) by Brigitte Heldeweg, Gert van Grunsven and Manon Désar.

How to Make a Home Away From Home: Ashley

This Tuesday, Liona shared with you her tips to make a home away from home while traveling. I think I can say that I travel a lot and it, of course, takes a toll on my energy levels as well. However, I think if there is one thing that I can manage on the road it is probably feeling at home no matter where I am. There are few places in the world where I felt uncomfortable and was desperate to go home. I frequently catch myself saying that I am ready to go home while on duty trips or vacation, where I truly refer to the hotel room as "home". Today, I will share with you my tips for feeling at home basically anywhere. Just as a small disclaimer: I might just be a bit less affected by staying in a different place than you, so no promises.

How to Make a Home Away From Home: Liona

If there’s one thing I (and probably you too) love to do, it is to travel. While I enjoy traveling from one place to the next, it also takes quite its toll on your energy levels. For me, it takes a while before I am used to staying and sleeping in one place. Whenever I am feeling more at ease, that’s usually the time we’re already packing up for the next place. Leaving me with sleepless nights again. In September and October, I will be traveling for three weeks with a total of twelve different accommodations. This time, I thought I might pay some more attention to making a little home away from home and here are my tips.