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#Careerlion Development

As a #careerlion, it is very important to continue developing yourself. However, how do you find the time and place to do all that? We have mentioned in the past some tools that we use throughout our blogs. However, we have not yet dedicated a post on the tools you could use to further develop yourself in addition to your already busy lifestyle. Today, we will cover some of these tools.

A Wild #Careerlion Saturday night

“Love you, bye!” – I say to the boyfriend while making a twirl as he’s leaving for a Saturday night out and I have the house to myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to spend quality time with the boyfriend, but I definitely also love to spend some quality time with myself! Not only is it super nice and relaxing, it is also psychologically beneficial in many ways! Read on if you’re curious to know more about the importance of being alone and what I do to entertain myself.

SNAP! Review for #Careerlions

As I have mentioned a few times in previous blogs as well, I am discovering more and more topics related to management skills. Skills that will help you establish the best work environment for yourself and those around you, perform at your best and stimulates good collaboration with others. It may also function as input for conflict management. In my blog on What is Your Personality?, I describe how we can define personality and how it is the basis of your behavior.

It was long believed that our personalities were set during the early stages of our childhood and remain consistent through the course of your life. Recent studies have now contradicted this belief, indicating that we can change our personalities through therapy and/or by means of our own efforts. Today, my blog is about the book SNAP!: Change Your Personality in 30 Days by Dr. Gary Small. He is a New York Times bestselling author, head of the UCLA Longevity Center, and an expert in neuroscience and human behavior. The book taps into the key components of personality development and tools and techniques to make the most of your personality traits, based on recent findings that we can change our personalities after all. Read on if you want to know more about changing our personality and a review of SNAP!.