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The 5 AM Club

As the end of the year is approaching, it’s almost time to think about new year’s resolutions. Over the last couple of years, a certain trend can be found in mine. It’s always something with mindfulness, physical health and a personal writing project. That these resolutions come up year after year has to do with two causes. One: I like to continuously improve myself. More importantly, two: I seem to lack the time and energy to pursue all. Therefore, this month I am trying out different ways to incorporate my resolutions in my daily routine, before January comes around. As you might have guessed from the title, I have been trying to wake up at 5 AM and make them a part of my morning ritual. If you’re curious whether that’s been working out for me or like to know whether it’s something you might consider, make sure to read on.

How To Manifest Your Dreams

Journaling has been a fascination of mine ever since I was a little girl. However, I was never disciplined enough to keep up with a daily journal. What I do enjoy is journaling on a more sporadic basis, like for gratitude or diet purposes. Another purpose of journaling I haven’t really elaborated on before is manifesting! Read on if you’re curious to see what it can do for you!

Why you need to be an influencer

Before you think I will give some advice on how to find an #instahusband, let me assure you that this is not the type of influencer that I am talking about today! The type of influencer I am referring to can be defined as follows: someone who affects or changes the way that people behave. It’s one thing to have defined goals (these are my 30 goals before I am 30) and make a plan to achieve them, but sometimes you need other people in order to reach those goals. Therefore, it is important to get a little bit into how to actually influence others. Lucky for you, that is today’s topic! Read on, if you want to learn more.