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Romance testing for #careerlions

For the past year, I have been happily in love (to the point that I am getting sick of myself, believe me), but I wouldn’t be a true #careerlion if I wouldn’t attempt to rationalize and optimize even that (irrational and especially emotional) part of my life. Today I am carefully touching on a subject we rarely talk about on the blog, which is romantic relationships. Because, even though we know there are chemicals involved that cause the heart melting and nausea, there must be some elements that we can dig into a little bit deeper to improve mutual understanding or just put your (perceived) compatibility to the test. A little disclaimer: I am in no way a relationship or love expert (if anything, I lean on the awkward side of the spectrum) and in no way, claim to be an example girlfriend. I am just simply sharing some of my (fun) experiences that have to be read with a little grain of salt. For entertainment purposes only.