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The Art of the Good Life Review for #Careerlions

Last week, I read The Art of The Good Life by Rolf Dobelli. This book is another bestseller, from the same writer as The Art of Thinking Clearly. After hyping the book, I convinced my boyfriend to get a copy that I, of course, had to read myself as well. As he prefers to read in Dutch, so did I for a change. The Dutch book also contains a lot of artwork that makes flying through the book and checking the page numbers even more satisfying. Another fun note is that Rolf Dobelli is apparently one of the co-founders of getAbstract! I only realised this reading the book. The book is about the 52 shortcuts that increase your chances at a good life. I imagine every #careerlion is on a quest to lead a good life, so today a review of The Art of The Good Life.

Office Survival Tips Review For #Careerlions

My boyfriend went on another city trip without me last weekend and got me several gifts that were waiting for me when I arrived home Friday. While it doesn’t beat coming home to him, it was a great way to start the weekend. Especially since the gifts included cake from one of my favorite bakeries and a book that I had been eyeing up at the airport bookstore the last couple of weeks. I devoured the book in a little over a day. The book is called Werken doe je huis maar (translates to: Working you do at home) by Japke-d. Bouma. A Dutch book obviously, which to my knowledge has not been translated into other languages. Today, I will share with you a short review of the book, the main tips and tricks that it covers, and some funny quotes and insights.

How To Be Happy Review For #Careerlions

As I mentioned in my review on Notes on a Nervous Planet, I recently purchased How To Be Happy by Eva Woods. I usually get my books via, as book prices in England can be significantly lower than in the Netherlands. The shipping costs are not bad at all and I find that it is a great way to add to my book collection. Especially pre-ordering cookbooks by Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. How To Be Happy is one of the first fiction books that I have read in ages. It was on sale and the reviews were great. Also, the topics discussed are very current and near to my heart. In today’s blog, I will provide you with my review of the book as well as some incredible insights and my take on the devastating topics in the book.

Notes On A Nervous Planet Review For #Careerlions

This week, my order from Amazon arrived with a bunch of fabulous of books. Among them was a copy of Notes On A Nervous Planet by Matt Haig. A number one bestselling author, who wrote Reasons To Stay Alive and How To Stop Time among others. It was such a good read that I was not able to put it away. I finished the book in less than two evenings after work. The book addresses psychological issues as a result of the modern world. How everyone in these circumstances is prone to psychological issues with the demands of the modern world. Today, I will share with you my thoughts on this book and my favorite insights from this book.

Why We Sleep Review For #Careerlions

Not too long ago, I finished reading Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker on my Kindle. I mentioned the book earlier in my blog on the different kinds of sleep. I have distinguished the differences between REM and non-REM sleep and provided you with insights on why you need these different types of sleep to perform like a true #careerlion. Today, I will share with you my thoughts on the book Why We Sleep and some of my favorite insights from the book. Read on if you are interested to know more about Walker’s bestseller that is currently displayed at all the major bookshops.

Bigger Than This Review For #Careerlions

Not too long ago, I read Bigger Than This: How To Turn Any Venture Into an Admired Brand by Fabian Geyrhalter. He is the author of the bestseller How to Launch a Brand, in the process of creating a strong brand and the mishaps. Geyrhalter is a renowned brand strategist and founder of a consultancy firm specializing in turning ventures into brands. His columns and work have also been published by many, including Forbes, the Washington Post, and the Huffington Post. His graphic design work is award winning and he is very successful in this field of work. In this blog, I will share with you my review and interesting ideas covered in the book.

Invisible Influence Review For #CareerLions

On my last holiday, I got to go book-shopping in the US. One of the books I picked up is Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces That Shape Behavior by Jonah Berger. A very current topic today, where there is a growing group of so-called “influencers”. Berger explains why brands work with them and many other influences that shape our behavior in disguise. By creating a better understanding of the power of influence, you will be able to better balance embracing and resisting it. Today’s blog covers some of the invisible influences Berger elaborates on in the book as well as a short review.

SNAP! Review for #Careerlions

As I have mentioned a few times in previous blogs as well, I am discovering more and more topics related to management skills. Skills that will help you establish the best work environment for yourself and those around you, perform at your best and stimulates good collaboration with others. It may also function as input for conflict management. In my blog on What is Your Personality?, I describe how we can define personality and how it is the basis of your behavior.

It was long believed that our personalities were set during the early stages of our childhood and remain consistent through the course of your life. Recent studies have now contradicted this belief, indicating that we can change our personalities through therapy and/or by means of our own efforts. Today, my blog is about the book SNAP!: Change Your Personality in 30 Days by Dr. Gary Small. He is a New York Times bestselling author, head of the UCLA Longevity Center, and an expert in neuroscience and human behavior. The book taps into the key components of personality development and tools and techniques to make the most of your personality traits, based on recent findings that we can change our personalities after all. Read on if you want to know more about changing our personality and a review of SNAP!.