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How to incorporate your mood in your task planning

The dark days aren’t over yet. We are in the middle of winter and the weather sure is depressing, to say the least. Not the ideal circumstances that can for sure affect your mood. However, it turns out that we should actually start embracing a bad mood. A bad mood turns out to be wonderful for your productivity, so I found out in a magazine article last week. This week I would like to share this great news with you, along with some more fun facts about how to embrace your different moods and optimise your task execution.

Track Your Life

One thing I have been obsessed with for quite some time now is to track my activities. I love the insights it provides me in my productivity and how to optimize my quality of life. By frequently going through the data I have had gathered, I can spot trends. It allows me to see whether I am feeling better or improvements are required. It also gives me information on the projects I am spending most of my time on. By seeing how much time I spend on certain projects and activities, I will be able to see whether this is indeed worth my precious time and energy. Today I will share with you my favorite tracking tools and the information it helps me gather.