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Constantly Curious

I rarely read Facebook anymore. It has become more and more commercial and the news feed never really seems to be as relevant nowadays. Personal updates have made way for advertisements and the amount of animal videos on my feed somehow significantly reduced. Do I really look like I can do without a cute puppy or piglet video for long? After this rant, I have to admit that today’s post was inspired by Facebook. I have finally found an account again that is worth mentioning and a way to make sure that it will end up at the top of my newsfeed from now on. Apparently, there is this option?! The account I want to put in the spotlight is: Constantly Curious. The account is by TED-Ed, answering to many questions you may have in life in short videos. You can also watch their videos on Youtube and subscribe there and find their videos on the website. This month Liona already covered some TED talks in her blog on Ideas Worth Spreading. In today’s blog, I will share with you my favourites of the moment.