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The Truth About Lying

Ever since we are little, we (hopefully) learn that we should never lie. That telling the truth is the most important thing, no matter what the consequences are. Simply because it is the right to do. When we are “wise” and “old” somehow, however, we still tell lies. If not to others, we most likely still lie to ourselves. Previously, I have blogged about on how you can spot a liar. This blog focuses on different common lies in the life of a #careerlion and when it may even be acceptable. Exploring the perspective of why lying may even be “healthy”.

Small Wins for #Careerlions

At #careerlions we are constantly busy trying to unravel the secrets to becoming the best version of yourself, engineering your life to exceed your own expectations. Lately, I have been more focused on management techniques and their impact. If you want to optimize how to handle yourself and others in your quest to achieve your common goals, we want to reveal the methods that motivate and stimulate productivity. This blog dives into the concept of small wins.