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How to Deal With Unbearable Meetings

Currently, I am reading a book Dealing With Meetings You Can’t Stand by Rick Brinkman in light of another book review for you. As I am sure all of us #careerlions will have to deal with meetings that simply eat away at us, it seemed like the perfect read. Not too long ago, I did another personality test via work. This time it was Insights, you know the one with the colors. While partly shocking, not a total surprise. The fun part of Dealing With Meetings You Can’t Stand is that they discuss in detail what the cooperation, caution, and danger zones are in meetings for each behavior type. Note that Brinkman refers to behavior types versus personality types, as each of us is able to portray these kinds of behavior in varying degrees. If you know your own behavior type and that of others, you will be able to use these insights to make those meetings you are dreading bearable. This blog is a quick overview of the cooperation, caution, and danger zone that you can use in your next meeting that you simply can’t stand.