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Process Mining for #Careerlions

Speaking for myself, I have heard a lot over the years about data mining (used for discovering patterns in large data sets). Being a business process manager in an operational environment, I am constantly looking at new and better methods to uncover potential areas of improvements and contribute to decision making. This still makes the use of data analysis crucial, but the current stage of the project is not really demanding analysis to discovering patterns in large data sets yet to study the behavior of the systems or its users. I would say that data mining is a bridge too far. However, this week I came across process mining while catching up on some reading. Process mining basically is that bridge between data mining and business process management. Today, I will share with you what I have learned so far and why this could be interesting for you too.

How to get your home-life in check

Maybe it is just me, but somehow getting around to-do’s is much easier when I am at work than at home. The minute I get home, I attend to procrastination and Netflix. While I get around to cooking, the cleaning up part is far from my favourite chores. Hence, it is my boyfriend who ends up doing most of the dishes and tidying up. The general excuse I go for is that I do all the recipe hunting and cooking in return. However, this week I would like to see how we can start to excel at home just like we do at work. After all, why wouldn’t we put as much energy and dedication into our personal tasks as we would for those at work?

How to Perform Under Pressure Review for #Careerlions Part II

Previously I shared with you the knowledge I gained from How to Perform Under Pressure by Hendrie Weisinger and J.P.Pawliw-Fry. The book, packed with research and the experience of world class performance in sports, was set up in three parts. I shared with you my thoughts on the first part of the book before, regarding the nature and science of pressure. Today, I will share with you a quick overview of the 22 powerful pressure moment solutions you can apply just before and in the heat of the pressure moment. Read on, if you are in for some of short-term fixes to turn down the heat next time your faced with pressure moments.

Why you should be walking

Last December I went into surgery knowing that it could be pointless if I did not move enough after. There was a slight chance it would fail anyway, but by not using my legs I would be sure that the surgery failed. As a result, I was motivated to walk every single day. Now I have realized that it was not just benefiting the result of the surgery. I have experienced many more advantages. So, what are the reasons you should consider walking on a daily basis? Here is an overview of all the pro’s I have experienced since Christmas.