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A Business Trip Survival Guide for #Careerlions

For some jobs, business trips are essential and you will have to fly out at least every so often. Video-conferencing, despite all the technological improvements, just doesn’t always cut it. However, I do plan to write a blog for you on the tips and tricks for video-conferencing very soon! These business trips do ask a lot from your health, I can say from experience. So, how do you survive? More on that in this week’s blog: a survival guide to business trips!

Conquering public victories for #careerlions

Last week we’ve covered part one of the review of the management book classic The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey. In his book, Covey distinguishes two kinds of habits, public victories and private victories. I’ll be covering the public victory in today’s blog post. The importance of private victories before public ones is quite simple according to Covey. Conquer and celebrate your private victories first, before going public as it is the foundation of everything else. So, if you haven’t read part I, I would recommend before getting into this one.