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A Business Trip Survival Guide for #Careerlions

For some jobs, business trips are essential and you will have to fly out at least every so often. Video-conferencing, despite all the technological improvements, just doesn’t always cut it. However, I do plan to write a blog for you on the tips and tricks for video-conferencing very soon! These business trips do ask a lot from your health, I can say from experience. So, how do you survive? More on that in this week’s blog: a survival guide to business trips!

3 Books That Should Be on Your #Careerlion Wish List II

Liona and I went on a bookstore hunt during our last-minute shopping spree in Kuala Lumpur, after which I wrote the first blog in the series of 3 books that should be on your #careerlion wish list. After another last-minute bookstore hunt in Honolulu (Hawaii), I am yet again writing about the books that I wish to acquire. Where I was yet again not able to buy them yet as other shopping got in the way of my weight limit and physical capabilities to move around. Therefore, the camera roll on my iPhone is yet again filled with book covers of those who made it on to my wish list. Bart and I went to a store called Barnes & Noble, which had a very extensive book collection. Here, books were not just all considered as non-fiction in one pile. Consider psychology, business, personal development, science (including neurobiology books) etc. Getting to a top three is going to be difficult, so there will be at least another blog on the other books that should be on our wish lists.