All in The Lion's Den

The Happy List 3.0

Oh yes, it is June! That means it is my birthday month. I don’t know about you, but every year around my birthday is when I get mixed feelings about the whole trajectory that is my life. On one hand I am super grateful for everything. On the other hand, I still feel like I am just doing whatever, even at almost 28 years old. My younger self probably had an optimistic (or naïve) perception of what adult life would be. However, let’s just focus on being grateful and what has been making me happy.

How to Make More #Careerlion Time?

As you probably read in my previous blog, I am now obsessed with audiobooks. One of the books that I recently finished is Make Time: How to Focus on What Matter Every Day by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky. I think it was a great read with some thought breaking tips for all of us #careerlions trying to do as much as possible in all different areas of our lives. Today, I will share with you my thoughts on the book and some of the key lessons I learned from the book.

Books I am reading at the moment

I love my reading. To me, it’s one of the best ways to wind down while also learning about new stuff. This year I have the goal to read at least two books a month. My favourite types of books are nonfiction (with the exception of Harry Potter, obviously), most of the personal development genre. At the moment, I am reading three books that sparked my interest. Read on if want to know whether it’s something for your reading list.

5 #Careerlion Reasons to Love Audiobooks

Yes, I am fully aware that I am late to the party, but I love audiobooks. The last few months I noticed that I was reading a lot less than before. Especially with my new job, most of my reading time has been more job relate. Then again reading Lonely Planet's also took up quite some time. With my reading challenge of 20 books and having fully finished only 2 new books, I needed to make changes quickly. When people started recommending me audiobooks more and more, I decided to do some research and start off with Audible. Having finished nearly 3 additional books in a month time, I am happy to say that I am hooked. Today, I will share with you all my reasons to love audiobooks. Hopefully, this will get those of you that are not convinced in the game. Making your #careerlion lives that much more efficient and productive.  

Ten fresh foods I have every week

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic. On weekdays, I had days full of meetings, calls, workshops and conferences. Add to the equation some workouts, social events, blogging and the chaos is complete. I feel like I have said it more than once, but combining all I want to achieve at the same time can take a toll on my mental and physical wellbeing.

As my health is the single most important priority for me, I like to keep my food intake in check (and of course sin enough for mental balance). In the last few years I have found a group of fresh foods that consistently end up on my weekly grocery list. As they are all beneficial for your health, especially during chaotic times, I am sharing them today and how I consume them.

10 #Careerlion Reasons to Use OneNote

I am not sure I ever thought this day would come, but I am hocked to OneNote. I have known about its existence for a long time and have frequently used it for our common team meeting notes over the years too. However, I never really got to the point to use it myself on a structural basis until now. Part of the reason is that I only recently discovered certain features that have turned this into a real game changer for me. Assuming that some of you also aren’t regular users yet and may not even know about some of the hidden gems, today’s blog is dedicated to OneNote.

Confessions of a former control freak

Ever since I was a teen I liked to be on top of things. Finals coming up? I will have a study schedule to get me through the exam period. During my time at university it even got worse when I took on a lot of responsibilities at the same time. All of a sudden, I always had somewhere to be and something important to do as I was a full-time student and working a 20 hour plus job too.

After a grueling time (when it also had to be combined with taking care of a recovering mom) I was just sick of the need of being on top of everything all the time. I was tired of my own control freak tendencies. It took so much effort with not always the expected result. It has even been scientifically proven that always trying to be in control only limitedly results in achieving goals. A few years older and wiser I know this is what we call a bad business case. As I am sure I am not the only one dealing with this, I thought it would be nice to share some exercises to tame that inner control freak.

How To Do a Sunday Supercharge

The past week I have been recovering from a pretty intense flu. It took me five days in bed before I could even leave the house. The week after that work was about all I could handle and I would come home all tired. For the coming week, I intend to pick up everything I have left during my time recovering. Here’s how I do a Sunday Supercharge!

How To Get Unhooked

Life in 2019 is fused with technology, it’s everywhere and we love it. I can barely remember the days where smartphones didn’t play a large part of our daily habits. Let’s face it, we’re hooked. But did you know that technology companies actually design their products and services for us to get hooked? While I love using all convenient apps on my phone, I would also love to reduce screen time on my phone. I would love to use all that time more productive or more meaningful, like spending quality time, unwind or do some wedding planning. Therefore, I thought if we figure out how we got hooked, we’ll learn how to unhook.

How to get your home-life in check

Maybe it is just me, but somehow getting around to-do’s is much easier when I am at work than at home. The minute I get home, I attend to procrastination and Netflix. While I get around to cooking, the cleaning up part is far from my favourite chores. Hence, it is my boyfriend who ends up doing most of the dishes and tidying up. The general excuse I go for is that I do all the recipe hunting and cooking in return. However, this week I would like to see how we can start to excel at home just like we do at work. After all, why wouldn’t we put as much energy and dedication into our personal tasks as we would for those at work?

Self-Compassion For #Careerlions

Is it just me or do all #careerlions judge oneself more harshly in terms of personal shortcomings, than you do others? Well, if you tend to be more accepting of other people’s shortcomings than I think we should be forming a “self-compassion” squad. This week I came across a Youtube video about self-compassion, applauding the theories by psychologist Kristin Neff. She basically states that we should all promise to love ourselves, in both sickness and in health. That we should offer ourselves warmth and unconditional acceptance. Isn’t it just weird that we can be so hard on ourselves, while we are generally more than willing to accept others for who they are including their shortcomings? Well, today is about what this self-compassion actually entails and why you need to strive to accept you for who you are.

The Art of Maximizing The Work Not Done

How often are we happy when we are busy and time flies by. After a few minutes of retrospective however, you come to the realization that doing lots of things at the same isn’t actually the most valuable things to deliver value. Productivity is only one measure for your output, but what about effectivity? 

During one of my study sessions for my SAFe certification, I came across the principles of the Agile Manifesto. Here it states that simplicity is essential. What is meant with simplicity is the art of maximizing the work NOT done. Sounds crazy, right! But also, totally true. In the Lean-Agile SAFe principles, this art is translated into three concrete tactics, which we will be discussing with you in this blogpost. Also, we will give examples on how to implement this beyond software development and in your personal life.