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 Musthave Phone and Tablet Apps For #Careerlions II

Musthave Phone and Tablet Apps For #Careerlions II

In the past, Liona and I have blogged about getting unhooked from your phone as well as our favourite apps. Well, I must say I am still hooked and I must say that I have reason to. I think it is all about finding the right balance. Removing the "wrong" triggers on your phone, but keeping all those apps that actually bring value to my life. So, what are my favourite apps?  

Many of the apps that we have featured on the blog are still part of my favourite set of apps. However, some new ones have become part of my daily life that I would gladly share with you. I hope they will help you organise your life as much as they are helping me everyday. Featured apps that I love on a daily basis (excluding for instance travel purposes):

  • Trello

  • Fitbit

  • Spotify

  • Waze

  • Flitsmeister

  • OneNote

  • Audible

So, which apps am I using on a daily basis that we did not mention yet on the blog? Well, there are three: Paprika, Readly, and Stylebook. 


Paprika is a recipe manager app that helps me stay efficient in my meal planning and (at times Bart's) grocery trips. We do grocery a few times a week, but never used to decide beforehand what we would eat. Then when we finally did, I would be stuck at work not knowing which ingredients we needed to make certain recipes or even try out new ones. With this app we got this covered as I always have access to the ingredient lists on my phone. As I mentioned, the app is also great for meal planning as you can add these to a calendar in the app as well. There is also functionality to digitise your pantry. The best part for me about this app is that it does not only allow you to manually add recipes, it also has a recipe extractor included. You can just go to the URL of the recipe that you found online or browse via the app to begin with and then hit the download button. This really is a great time saver and has ensured that we have tried many new recipes the last few months. More and more recipes that are becoming regulars now. 


Last year I started using this app called Readly that basically is an online magazine subscription. I really like reading magazines, but I am more of page flipper and only read the articles occasionally when they really grab my attention. Also, I really like reading magazines from i.e. the UK or US. Well, this can become very expensive when you are living in the Netherlands. That is why Readly is absolutely perfect. I can read on all my devices and everything is synchronised. I usually read on my iPad, but when I suddenly have to kill some time somewhere I am more than happy to turn to Readly instead of scrolling through my Instagram feed. The food and living magazines as well as nature magazines are definitely recommendable. 


I only recently discovered Stylebook, but I am beyond excited about this app. It reminds me of Cher's closet in Clueless, where she would pick out her clothes for school seeing what would and wouldn't work. This app does exactly that, but also helps you with making outfits in advance, calculating the price per wear and frankly with keeping an overview of the clothes you have. As we are currently preparing for our move, I also went through my closet. I was not aware that I owned at least half of the things that I found. I am fully convinced that once I have fully digitalised my closet, this is going to wonders for my variety in outfits as well as my spending habits (as apparently I do have something to wear?). I also really like that you can make outfits for certain events or trips in advance or even to wear to work. I am also doubting what to wear and looking for inspiration on days when I have a meeting that I have to be on time for. For now, I have set a goal for myself to digitise at least a few items in my closet per day and save a few outfits per week.

What are your favourite apps? Did you try any of these already?


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