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The Happy List 3.0

The Happy List 3.0

Oh yes, it is June! That means it is my birthday month. I don’t know about you, but every year around my birthday is when I get mixed feelings about the whole trajectory that is my life. On one hand I am super grateful for everything. On the other hand, I still feel like I am just doing whatever, even at almost 28 years old. My younger self probably had an optimistic (or naïve) perception of what adult life would be. However, let’s just focus on being grateful and what has been making me happy.

  1. Wedding planning, or better said selective wedding planning! Ever since my love proposed all I have been thinking about are my wedding cake and shoes. Pinterest boards have been filled with the subject. I even got Ashley to go to Paris with me for some shoe shopping and pre-tasting cake-tasting (yes, better test whether it is worth the test). I can’t wait!

  2. Getting better at dividing time and attention when it comes to work. It took me a while to adjust to my new job since November, but I feel like I am finding a new balance. The key for me was to block time to work from home without any disturbances (and work in PJ’s which I love).

  3. Going on day dates with the boyfriend. As we’re both busy it can be hard to find quality time without dealing with practical matters around the house, upcoming trips or the wedding. We’ve introduced a day date per month to have a full day of fun activities, away from all practical stuff. I got the idea for this little system from Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home. Last month’s day date to Amsterdam felt like a weekend away while we were floundering the canals like tourists.

  4. I love having plants in the house. They have been bringing oxygen and life to the room, creating a nice atmosphere. The newest addition in the house is a monstera. Also, I am grateful for the boyfriend for keeping our green friends watered and alive (not my talent).

  5. An activity I have been loving again is running. While it is such a challenge every time, I can’t help but feel lucky that the iconic Erasmus bridge is part of my run.

  6. I also like that I am in that place/age where I shamelessly plan everything I want to give myself for my birthday. I am thinking about a massage or float session (or both, haha).

  7. Talking about that birthday weekend I am loving that I will be spending it in Lille, France. To top the weekend of, we’re ending it with a huge family dinner.

  8. My company’s IT department had a contest to attend any Gartner IT conference around the world. Guess who entered the competition and actually won a good additional budget for learning and development?

  9. Feeling like I have my allergies under somewhat control has been awesome. I do not want to jynx myself but it seems that avoiding dairy has been having a great overall effect for me. I do make exceptions for cheese, but that doesn’t seem to bother me (except for mascarpone and ricotta).

  10. Trying out different writing formats for CAREERLIONS.COM and personal projects. I am still in the process of getting the hang of it. I might share the results later, I might not. Perks of doing personal projects!

  11. I have been checking in on my goals that I set earlier this year. I feel like I have made quite some progress. My closet has been tidied, finished two courses on, reduced plastic usage, am protecting my precious hours of sleep, am saving money and I am running a 10K competition this weekend. I have even been on an Instagram diet for the past two weeks and loved the peace it brought!

  12. Greek food! This year, we’ve been reducing ordering food. But whenever we do order some on the occasional Friday night, it has to be a Greek dish. I love the barbequed meat, tomato rice, tangy slaw and of course fries. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  13. Dammann Frères tea in passion the fleur has been my latest favourite. There’s white tea, there’s flower petals, apricot and passion fruit topped with rose oil. It’s the tea equivalent of perfection.

  14. I got a pre-birthday gift from my parents. Remember the Magic Bullet TV-ads from 20 years ago? They got a good smoothie blender right now, called the NutriBullet. Mine is on its way and after two and a half years without one I am excited to blend some green smoothies again!

  15. Last but not least I am happy and thankful for you! You, our beautiful reader! Thank you for your support and making it to the end of this list. It is truly appreciated.

Now let me know what has been making you happy lately! Share the happiness in the comments below.

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