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5 #Careerlion Reasons to Love Audiobooks

5 #Careerlion Reasons to Love Audiobooks

Yes, I am fully aware that I am late to the party, but I love audiobooks. The last few months I noticed that I was reading a lot less than before. Especially with my new job, most of my reading time has been more job relate. Then again reading Lonely Planet's also took up quite some time. With my reading challenge of 20 books and having fully finished only 2 new books, I needed to make changes quickly. When people started recommending me audiobooks more and more, I decided to do some research and start off with Audible. Having finished nearly 3 additional books in a month time, I am happy to say that I am hooked. Today, I will share with you all my reasons to love audiobooks. Hopefully, this will get those of you that are not convinced in the game. Making your #careerlion lives that much more efficient and productive.  

Reasons to Love Audiobooks


Obviously, multi-tasking is probably my number one reason to love audiobooks. We spend so much time commuting, walking from location to location, doing chores etc. What could be better than make the best use of this time. Where I already tried to use this time to call friends and colleagues or do some heavy thinking, there was definitely room for improvement. I love to listen to music, but I am not sure knowing the lyrics to another Beyoncé song is really going to bring much towards achieving my life goals. Making sure I read all the books on my reading list while I am on the go or doing stuff around the house on the other hand does. Especially, if I make sure the books cover material that I can try to apply that very same day.

Happy Eyes

Having reading glasses, audiobooks are also a great way for me to read more at the end of the day. Normally, my eyes are already tired from working behind my computer and not wearing my glasses as much as I should be. Even when I want to continue reading, my vision at the end of working day can become a bit blurry. With audiobooks I can simply be comfortable, maybe even with my eyes closed, while someone else does the "heavy lifting". 

More Connection to the Author

One thing I really like are the audiobooks being read by the author. The first audiobook I bought was Becoming by Michelle Obama. The book being an autobiography, made hearing her story from Michelle herself that much special and powerful. You can hear and feel the emotions, making me feel much more connected to the story than I would reading it myself.

Improve Your Listening Skills

I have also found that the audiobooks improve my listening skills. It requires a certain kind of focus that is also comes in handy at the office too. It makes sure that you practice your ability to really comprehend what is being said and process this information. Basically, it helps me practice to not tune out for a while and lose the plot. With the accents of the authors, it is also a great way to improve your ability to understand different accents.

Learn the Language

Not only do you work on your listening skills, I also think it helps in your own speech. By being exposed to different ways of speech, I think you can improve your own. Your vocabulary will grow, but I also believe you learn more about the way to speak more interestingly. I am so impressed by these authors that keep me engaged with their words throughout the whole book. Although, I should add that I listen at a speed of 1.75X. In any case, I think this is a great way to improve. Especially, when you listen to book that aren't in your native language.

Audible Review

As I mentioned, I have started with Audible(UK) after doing some research. This made the most sense for me as I feel they offer a wide range of non-fiction books in English. Also, their offer is very good as they allow you to return the books to swap for new ones.  It means that you have access to an unlimited number of books, while each month that you are a member you also gain access to one more book. Thus meaning that you can start reading more books in parallel after a while without additional costs. I look forward to this, so that I can also start to listen to some fiction once in a while. I plan to start listening to the Game of Thrones series for instance.

What is your experience with audiobooks? Have you discovered it already? Do you have tips and tricks that may come in handy for me and fellow #careerlions?

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