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Ten fresh foods I have every week

Ten fresh foods I have every week

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic. On weekdays, I had days full of meetings, calls, workshops and conferences. Add to the equation some workouts, social events, blogging and the chaos is complete. I feel like I have said it more than once, but combining all I want to achieve at the same time can take a toll on my mental and physical wellbeing.

As my health is the single most important priority for me, I like to keep my food intake in check (and of course sin enough for mental balance). In the last few years I have found a group of fresh foods that consistently end up on my weekly grocery list. As they are all beneficial for your health, especially during chaotic times, I am sharing them today and how I consume them.

On the weekly grocery list

1.     Lemon – Great for fresh salad dressings with a little bit of olive oil. I use lots of lemons during the week for my morning lemon water to get my digestion going.

2.     Bananas – Bananas are one of the most versatile fruits. I like them in my oatmeal and bring them to work as they are tasty and filling. Whenever they are a bit too ripe I like to chop them up and freeze them for future smoothies or put them in banana pancakes or banana bread.

3.     Oatmeal – Full of fibers this is one of my go to ingredients for filling breakfasts. They are great to add some body in your smoothies and I have especially developed a love for overnight oats.

4.     Sweet potato – I love to roast these in my weekly veggie tray when I meal prep lunches. Also a great, filling, less carby alternative to regular potatoes. I like to eat these in a weekly easy dinner with some salmon and asparagus. Protein, carbs and vegetables complete!

5.     Broccoli – Broccoli is the king of all green vegetables. It is full of fiber and is a big help to regulate the whole digestive system. I prepare them oven baked, stir fried or simply blanched.

6.     Ginger – This one is another versatile guy. It’s great to add flavor in stir fries with some soy sauce and garlic. It is even better on its own in your freshly brewed tea. Ginger has purifying benefits that help you fight any could or uncomfortable throat.

7.     Mint – A nice herb to always have on hand is mint. The leaves can be used in salads for extra taste or you can brew another fresh tea with it. I love how mint tea is a helping hand against bloating. For me this is especially helpful when combined with ginger during hay fever season.

8.     Spinach – Spinach is another green that you just want to consume regularly as it is packed with fibers. Again, it’s versatile (discovering a trend here) as it is great prepared with a little bit of sesame oil in the pan, a nice addition to smoothies or as a side to your omelet.

9.     Eggs – I love me some eggs as a source of protein. It is a handy ingredient to have on hand when you’re in a (time) squeeze. I cook eggs and take them with me if I am short on time in mornings and it’s always good to cook an omelet with some veggies for lunch. My absolute number one way to have eggs are poached on top of toast with..

10.  AVOCADOS! – Who doesn’t love these guys, packed with healthy fats? I like how avocados are smooth and filling. Another great benefit is that it is full of healthy fats that not only taste smooth, but keep my skin smooth.

Do you have fresh food favourites that you have on the weekly? I am curious to add more of these versatile and healthy foods to my grocery list. Please share your foods in the comments below!

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