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How to get your home-life in check

How to get your home-life in check

Maybe it is just me, but somehow getting around to-do’s is much easier when I am at work than at home. The minute I get home, I attend to procrastination and Netflix. While I get around to cooking, the cleaning up part is far from my favourite chores. Hence, it is my boyfriend who ends up doing most of the dishes and tidying up. The general excuse I go for is that I do all the recipe hunting and cooking in return. However, this week I would like to see how we can start to excel at home just like we do at work. After all, why wouldn’t we put as much energy and dedication into our personal tasks as we would for those at work?

Explore your winning strategies

First of all, it seems good to figure out what are your favourite ways to tackle issues at work. How do you manage your priorities at work, keep track of your to-do’s, set deadlines, and last but not least, make sure that you actually make these deadlines? Well, these answers should set you up with the perfect strategy to help you apply those same recipes for success at home.

Split continuity from projects

A start could be to make an overview of continuous and project related work. Just like at the office, you have to manage both your project work as well as the recurring tasks that you simply need to put some muscle (or your brain) into. For instance:

  • What will be your plan to clean and tidy up the kitchen after making dinner?

  • How do you plan to do your washing and ironing, so you actually have all your favourite items ready to wear (we all know that when we get lazy, you end up wearing your least favourite outfits until we really run out of clothes)?

Then there are the projects, such as planning a holiday. Just like at work, start to make a timeline and mapping the different deadlines. This way you will know when to do what and make sure that you actually manage.

Tips and tricks

Some other tips and tricks that might interest you are:

  • Make sure you have all the resources in place that you need to perform certain tasks. Excuses are easily made when we run out of detergent or, in my case, didn’t charge the vacuum. There needs to be no room for excuses.

  • If you are living together, make sure you divide the tasks well. Also, make a plan for not sticking to the arrangement. Not having to do the garbage is sure to keep me going.

    • If you need help finding the right planning tools to use at home, read one of our previous blogs.

    • Try using Scrum at home, using Liona’s tips and tricks that she has shared with us some time ago.

    • Also, read Liona’s secret about getting projects done. Last month she shared some tips and tricks of dealing with procrastination.

    • Or you can dive deep into our archives, to catch up on other strategies to beat procrastination.

How do you handle your to-do’s at home? Do you suffer from procrastination when you get home from a long day and/or week at the office? You are welcome to share your thoughts with us below.

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