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How to practice self love

How to practice self love

Lately, I have been exhausted during the weekends since starting a new job last November has been quite challenging. It’s super fun and I enjoy it, but it does come with its toll on my energy. On one of my commutes home, I heard on a podcast (don’t recall which one that was, but will add the link if I remember it later) that the tiredness doesn’t necessarily come from working too hard. Feeling tired comes from not resting well. Resting means a good sleep on one hand, but also about doing the things you love and get energy from. So, in practicing more self-love I decided to do more energizing activities in the weekend. After a month of energizing weekends, I am sharing my personal self-love tips with you today!

Self-love, what is it?

If you google the term self-love the top result is defined as: regard for one's own well-being and happiness. What I think is an important distinction with feeling sorry for yourself or self-pity is that when practicing self-love you are kind to yourself, taking longer term health and goals into account. In other words: Do what makes you feel good and energized, without using self-love as an excuse to just binge eat and be lazy.

How I practice self-love

Recharge in nature

This is the absolute best thing to do if you are in need of a break. There is just something about being in nature that reminds you of going back to the core and release all the side issues you’ve been accumulating over the (work)week. If you’re looking for a special treat, try booking an alpaca walk. I actually did this for Ashley’s 27th birthday and we were definitely recharged afterwards!

Figure out the fun in food

Oh yes, I love food! However, during the week my relationship with food tends to shift. At the beginning of the week I love my healthy meals and closer to the end I want to treat myself with fries. Sounds familiar? To make healthy food more fun again I like to do some inspiration on YouTube and try out new healthy recipes. This way, I am sure that I won’t only have enough healthy recipes during the week, but they will also be yummy (which is very important to keep up the healthy habit). My favourite channel the past month when it comes to healthy recipes is Liezl Jayne Strydom’s. If I am in the mood for a treat I like to go out for breakfast, which I generally never do. I actually convinced the boyfriend last Sunday morning to out for food. Date and tasty meal in one: SCORE!

Surround yourself with books to explore

Reading is good for you and your personal development. We all know that. But after a busy week it just might be the last thing you can set yourself too. During these moods, I’d like to remind myself of what made me fall in love with reading when I was a kid. I loved to surround myself with all kinds of books to just explore and scroll through without the specific purpose of reading. I usually end up inspired and energized to get reading again.

Journal to clear your mind

On a weekly basis, I like to take time to just scrabble down thoughts in a notebook or do some journaling. Writing down my thoughts gives them a physical space where they’re stored and my mind can let go of them. A fun addition is to re-read old scrabbled and thoughts. I recently found an old gratitude list I wrote in 2014. Back in the day I was grateful to be singing in the car as if it was a music studio. Guess it’s safe to say I haven’t changed a bit. 

Now I am curious to know more about you! How do you practice self-love? See any comparisons? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments.

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