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5 #Careerlion Reasons to Stop Being Perfectionistic or Embrace That You Are Not

5 #Careerlion Reasons to Stop Being Perfectionistic or Embrace That You Are Not

Perfectionism is one of those personal traits that can be both positive and negative. Professionally, perfectionism is often seen as a positive trait. However, when you are too perfectionistic (like with anything that you have “too much” of) can block you from excelling in your job and life in general. This week we will talk about 5 reasons to stop being perfectionistic. If you are not at all a perfectionist, then consider this blog an anthem to you and ammunition for when someone decides to call you out on it.

Beat Procrastination

An unfortunate side effect of perfectionism is procrastination. Putting off tasks can be a very convenient way to protect oneself from the underlying fear that you will not be able to do or complete something perfectly. By wanting to do something perfect, you might end up doing nothing at all. Aiming and being able to accept results slightly less perfect will be a much better starting point to achieve greatness.

Improve Your Decision-Making Ability

When you living in fear of making a mistake, you might not be able to make the right decisions. You may take too long taking any decision whatsoever in an effort to analyse all the costs- and benefits, that the choice is not even available anymore. A very plausible scenario is also that you that you opt for choices that are risk averse and may not be the best decision in the end, in an effort not to fail. By accepting a less than perfect outcome your results may very well be better and the process much more efficient. Also, saving you from a potential burn-out as a result of all your contemplating.

Speed Up Your Growth Curve

If there is one thing I have learned, it is probably to fail fast. You tend to learn the most when you are facing difficulties and new challenges. When your perfectionism is paralysing you from taking on any challenges out of fear, chances are that your personal development is suffering. What a waste for someone that is striving for perfection, always want to excel at everything. In the end you will be better off when you let yourself, potentially, make small mistakes.

Gain Self-Confidence

Oddly enough perfectionism does not contribute to your self-confidence (please do pick up on the sarcasm here). When you are constantly worrying about whether something isn’t absolutely perfect and what others could possibly think of you when you make a mistake, this is not a recipe to self-confidence. After all, perfectionism is (“nearly”) impossible to achieve. If you are going to beat yourself up every time you did not match your unrealistic goal, this is more a recipe for disaster. Accept that life is not perfect and that you can only do your best. That way self-confidence is already more achievable.

Be More Innovative

Fear of imperfection will mostly likely also refrain you from innovation. When you are obsessed with perfection, you will remain on the beaten path. If you are afraid to make mistakes and that your ideas may fail, then you will never be able to bring your “innovative” ideas into action. Embrace the idea of potentially failing and you are already more innovative, ready to think outside of the perfectly squared box.  

How do you stop your perfectionism from taking over? I recommend a daily doses of Disney’s theme song “let it go”, always using an 80/20-approach, and embracing the process a little bit more than just the end result. What is your take on this? Please share it with us in the comment section below.

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