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Nineteen small things for a big 2019

Nineteen small things for a big 2019

A new year calls for new year’s resolutions and taking action towards improving your life. Like every year, this year I have some resolutions. What’s different this year is that instead of making endless lists of resolutions that are impossible to keep up with, I just made a list of the nineteen small things that would have a big positive impact on the year ahead. These resolutions aren’t limited to adding value to my life, as they might be useful for you too. In case you might want to learn more about the benefits or how to implement them in your own life, I’ve added links with more information. Scroll down to see what has made it to my list! 

  1. Work more on personal projects. For me, that’s working on my writing with classes from

  2. Using less one-time usage plastics like straws, bags and bottles.

  3. Tidy up my closet like Marie Kondo does on Netflix.

  4. Do regular yoga for flexibility. I’ll do Vinyasa Yoga classes at the gym and Yoga with Adriene’s 30-day challenge at home.

  5. Sauna regularly for benefits to brain functions.

  6. Read two books a month. Next on my reading list is Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens.

  7. Plan date nights with the significant other. To me, there’s nothing better than spending quality time as that’s my most important love language.

  8. Do more home cooking. Right now, we cook about four dinners a week. I would love to increase this to at least five times a week of healthy homemade dinners.

  9. Pack my own lunch to work. I usually make less healthy choices when I am on the way and in a hurry to buy lunch. To prevent this and to make eating healthy easier, I pack my own lunch. Lunches I like to bring to work are veggie omelets, roasted vegetables or pasta salads.

  10. Spend less time on social media, cause we all need less distractions, right?

  11. Run a 10K race (and convince my girlfriends to do them with me). I love the feeling after a run. However, I never seem to get myself to do it without a tangible goal. Therefore, I thought I would sign me up for one.

  12. Use the car less during the weekends. I guess I might come to some point where I have to buy a bike again.

  13. Sleep better, at least seven hours a night.

  14. Save more money. I plan to save money by buying less clothes, spending less on the hairdresser (no more highlights) and less dining out.

  15. Take more walks in nature during the weekend, on the beach or in the forest for example.

  16. Create a reading cocoon at home.

  17. Work on a better posture when sitting at my desk.

  18. Create my miracle morning.

  19. Be nicer to myself, letting go when things aren’t going as planned.

How are you planning on making a BIG 2019? Have you thought about longer term goals? You can read my goals I hope to achieve before turning 30 (in two and a half years from now), here . Let us know about your resolutions on the comments below!

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