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The Boyfriend Article – Part One

The Boyfriend Article – Part One

As career lions, we think (secretly believe) we are managing ourselves pretty well (tune in independent woman song). In contrast with the song we’re not quite buying our own diamonds and own rings yet (maybe the candy ones). However, we would be lying if we’d say there are no supportive significant others that have our backs. Therefore, it is time to meet the boyfriends this week! Today we will be getting to know Liona’s boyfriend a little bit, before we will hear the dirt about Ashley’s significant other this Thursday.

Liona about Luuk

In my eyes, he’s just the sweetest person ever, even when he doesn’t listen to me (because he can only focus on one thing at a time). He works in the plant export industry and when he comes home from work he’s always interested whenever I tell him anything about my day. He’s super patient, never loses his cool, and just calls me his little dragon (he’s about a foot taller than me, but I probably have triple the fire and energy). The guy even manages to calm me down (which makes him one of five people in the world with the gift to do so). In a short amount of time, he’s evolved into being my significant other. But hey, what would you expect if he’s the one catching the little bloody broken off parts of my teeth that I was spitting out after my bike accident. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to have it any other way and am excited for whatever the future will bring us.

The story of how we met? Such a cliché or classic, depends on how you’d like to call it. Luuk and I met a year and a half ago in the basement of a bar in Rotterdam. I was in the bar with my girlfriends (the only night Ashley wasn’t with us, she was so bummed out when she heard) and went to the bathroom downstairs. While in the bathroom I heard the DJ play Wannabe by the Spice Girls. I ran back upstairs to my girls and convinced them we needed to do some dancing in the basement. After entering the room for (I kid you not) two minutes, this cute tall guy stands next to me trying to make conversation. The rest is history.

Q&A with Luuk

Q: What is it like being a #careerlions boyfriend?

A: In general, it’s nice to witness daily thoughts and brainwaves evolving into a blogpost. I think it’s a positive creative outlet that she enjoys. 

Q: Share your favourite behind the scenes memory with Liona?

A: Our trip to Paris was really fun to roam around the city and have some quality time. Of course, at the time I was just taking some candid pictures, but it was fun to see that one actually made it onto a blogpost. Therefore, it qualifies as a behind the scenes, right? 

Q: What is your favourite #careerlions blogpost, and why? And hey, do you really read everything?

A: Whenever you’re occupied with taking your career or any part of life towards the next steps it’s important to also keep in mind how far you’ve already come and what you have. Therefore, I really liked the blogpost about gratitude. It gives a moment to pause and feel grateful for everything you’ve already managed to achieve.

And honestly, I don’t read everything. I do make sure to read blogposts every now and then. 

Q: What is a #careerlions competence you wish you had?

A: I wish I knew how to act from personal strengths rather than to fit the job description back when I was just out of university and applying for jobs. It was the height of the crisis and I had to send lots of letters and do lots of job interviews before I found the right fit for me. It would’ve been useful for me at the time to have learned more about how to make my personal qualities speak for themselves. Would have saved me a lot of searching.

Fun fact: Our boyfriends actually have known each other longer than we do, as they were friends in high school. Imagine our joy (and planning a million double dates) when we found out. So, have you enjoyed getting to know the man behind the woman? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure to stay tuned for Ashley’s boyfriend article this Thursday.

The Boyfriend Article – Part Two

The Boyfriend Article – Part Two

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