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How To Be Happy Review For #Careerlions

How To Be Happy Review For #Careerlions

As I mentioned in my review on Notes on a Nervous Planet, I recently purchased How To Be Happy by Eva Woods. I usually get my books via, as book prices in England can be significantly lower than in the Netherlands. The shipping costs are not bad at all and I find that it is a great way to add to my book collection. Especially pre-ordering cookbooks by Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. How To Be Happy is one of the first fiction books that I have read in ages. It was on sale and the reviews were great. Also, the topics discussed are very current and near to my heart. In today’s blog, I will provide you with my review of the book as well as some incredible insights and my take on the devastating topics in the book.

The Verdict

How To Be Happy is about two women and their struggles in life. Annie has been sad for so long that she's forgotten how to be any other way. Until she meets Polly, who is Annie’s total opposite. Polly only has one hundred days left and is determined to make them count. She is determined to help Annie find happiness and this book takes you along this journey.

This book is sold as if it is the most uplifting book in the world. Sold as an easy read that is both fun and happy. If you look at the cover, you expect nothing less. Although the rain should have made me somewhat suspicious, I was totally distracted by the rainbow colours. What can I say: yes, there were a lot of fun elements in the book, but there is a lot of sadness and heartbreak that you don’t even wish upon your greatest enemy. Even though the entire book prepares you for the worst moment to come, by that stage you are well attached to the main characters and tissues will be in order. Even for those of us that are less emotional than average, including myself that is. In that sense, it is a bit like the Fault in Our Stars, which I conveniently read half of before going to the movies. Repeatedly saying to my boyfriend that this movie was going to be so fun, not having read the insane plot twist that left me sobbing the rest of the movie.

It was an easy read in terms of readability, but an uncomfortable and confronting read content-wise. Regardless, I would recommend this book to all who have been through hell and back as you will find this book to be very relatable and it can help you to deal with those terrible things you have had to experience. However, I would also very much recommend this book to all of you who have been lucky enough to bounce through life unharmed. It will help you understand those who are struggling or have struggled and decided to make the best of the precious days we have left.

Interesting Quotes From the Book

A few interesting quotes from the book:

“Because. Cupcakes make everything a little better. Except for type 2 diabetes, I guess.”
“Life isn’t about avoiding the storm; it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Where’s your sense of adventure?”
“I think we should all live as if we are dying too – because we are, make no mistake. We should live as if we’re dying at some unspecified but possibly quite soon time. We can’t expect every day to be happy, and there’ll always be sickness and heartache and sadness, but we should never put up with a sad or a boring or a depressing day, just for the sake of it. None of us have time for that, whether we have a hundred days left or a hundred thousand.”
“How about a hundred days of doing our best to be alive- even if it's sad, or ordinary, and we want to cry most of the time? That's what living is, I think. Letting it all in. The happy days, the sad days, the angry days. Being awake to it.”

Interesting Insights From the Book

As I mentioned, this book was quite near to my heart, having lost my parents, grandparents, and other family members dear to me. This book reveals some very interesting insights for those that have had to deal with loss or struggle to support others with difficult times. These are some of my favourite ones:

  • Sadness is real and it is ok to be sad sometimes.
  • Acceptance is key. Denial has an expiration date, as reality always has the tendency to hit you in the face.
  • Happiness is a choice, no matter how many horrible things happened to you. All it takes is to adopt a mindset to seek happiness in both the small and bigger things in life.
  • We all strive to have a perfect life. Doing yoga, instagramming our food, having the perfect partner etc. However, life rarely meets our demands no matter how badly we want it. Life has the potential to suck and there is an expiration on all of us, but it doesn’t mean your experience of life has to suck.

Did I convince you to get your own copy of How To Be Happy? What is your coping mechanism? Don’t hesitate to share!



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