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Looking On the Bright Side of Frustration

Looking On the Bright Side of Frustration

In the last year, I have been frustrated at times. Frustrated with myself, my body (letting me down with injuries), and others. While I want to stay positive, this week I thought would be a good moment to find out why we actually feel frustrated as human beings and what the benefits are. I am sure that I am not the only one that could use a little pep talk for those moments that they are frustrated. Therefore, I will share my thoughts, experiences, and findings with you on frustration in this week’s blog!

Why do we feel frustrated?

Feeling frustrated seems to be at the core of feeling that you are not in control of a certain situation. It happens to those of us who are blocked from reaching the desired outcome that they have in mind. The more we seem to care, the more frustrated we seem to get when the desired outcome is not reached.

My conclusion: there is no reason to apologize for feeling frustrated! Frustration is an indication that you deeply care and have great ambitions. Nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever.

Frustration so far is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you refrain yourself from entering a destructive negative spiral. It is important to ensure that it does not lead to anger, irritability, stress, resentment, depression, or giving up.

Why should you embrace frustration?

Combining my personal experiences with research, here are some of the benefits of frustration. Keep these in mind next time you feel frustrated and channel it into positivity:

1. Seeing that frustration especially rises from situations where we care, it is a great way to discover your passions. It will highlight what your ideal environment would be and what projects or relationships are important to you. That will help you say no to the non-important stuff in the future and manage your energy better in the future.

2. Frustration arises in situations where something should not continue the way it has been. Therefore, it is a sign that there are opportunities, with the changes to come.

3. It can thus be seen as a source of wisdom. Summoning you to dig deeper and become creative to reach your desired outcome. In this TED talk by Tim Harford, he explains more on the fueling of creativity with frustration.

4. When there is a frustrating moment, taking a moment to pause and analyze the origin of your frustration will help you handle the situation. However, it will also allow you to improve your empathy in your quest to understand someone’s perspective. Even better, next time they might be more empathetic towards you given your previous encounter.

5. After frustration and hard work, there will be wins for sure. At one point or another. The wins will be even more significant after those rough times.

6. Frustration is the perfect foot in the door to exercise and stop making excuses. The endorphins released with a good exercise session will ensure you will come back for more. To help you push and drill that frustration out of your body. When I am frustrated, I always look forward to a dance class or workout even more.

Do you recognize any of these benefits of frustration? Are you ready to look at frustration in a positive way? Share it with us!

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