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A Wild #Careerlion Saturday night

A Wild #Careerlion Saturday night

“Love you, bye!” – I say to the boyfriend while making a twirl as he’s leaving for a Saturday night out and I have the house to myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to spend quality time with the boyfriend, but I definitely love to spend some quality time with myself as well! Not only is it super nice and relaxing, it is also psychologically beneficial in many ways. Read on if you’re curious to know more about the importance of being alone and what I do to entertain myself.

The importance of being alone

First of all, being alone should not be confused with loneliness. We are solely talking about spending time by yourself occasionally. Reasons why you need to be alone every now and then:

  • The more you learn to be by yourself and depend on yourself, the less you will encounter disappointment.
  • Being alone allows you to drop the social noise and provides the freedom to be introspective. This means, to actually think for yourself.
  • Ironically, being comfortable alone is also beneficial for your relationships as you’re more aware of what you want and need in the relationship.
  • Being alone even increases empathy! Getting out of a group setting will leave some space to develop more compassion for people that don’t regularly fit into your inner circle.
  • Being by yourself sparks your creativity and will help to get things done as there are fewer distractions. Frankly, several years ago I had to adjust to being alone as it caused me to feel anxious. Fast forward a few years, I definitely can’t go without my me-time!

Now, what does that wild night look like?


Everything begins with the right outfit. For chilling that is! I like to wear some kind of loungewear or pajamas. Among favorites are these Harry Potter ones. I would even go as far as going outside in these, the boyfriend not so much. One Sunday morning I had to take him to his football game, where I wore this set with a denim jacket. He ran out of the car when we came within 100 meters from the football club. Oh well, still cute for a night in, right?


Not glamorous at all, but necessary to look glamorous the rest of the week: laundry. Don’t like the activity, but love the smell of fresh clothes.


According to this research, coloring has a positive impact on your mental well-being. I also find it very soothing and will give just enough to do when Netflixing. If I am solely watching Netflix and not doing any side activity, I feel like I am slacking, for no apparent reason.


A night in isn’t complete without some reading. Currently, I am reading Tony Robbins’ Unshakable as I am attempting to increase my financial literacy.

As you can see, I enjoy having a little bit of quality time with myself. What about you? What are your fave activities when you’re a night in by yourself? Anything I am missing out on? Let us know in the comments below!

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