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Can’t Read My Poker Face

Can’t Read My Poker Face

“Can’t read my poker face”, the famous words sung by the legendary Lady Gaga. Not only do we want to have a poker face when we are playing cards, they are even more crucial in our #careerlion lives than most of us play cards. The best leaders are known to keep their faces from showing what they are thinking. Think of Obama, calmness no matter the situation. While people in today’s world are expecting emotion and transparency, when things go down the drain poker faces are there to save the day. Nobody needs leaders to have panic or demoralization written all over their faces, crushing everyone’s spirits. This blog is a guide to working on your poker face.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who Has The Best Poker Face of All

The first step in developing your poker face is to have a visualization of what your will look like. This means some one on one time with yourself and the mirror, studying your calm and neutral face. Yes, this can get very awkward. Especially if you have an expressive face like I have. I bet that there aren’t many people out there that are more of an open book than myself. So, remember this calm and neutral face well as this is the base for your poker face.

What the *Breathe*

Step two: once you start to feel your face go into a “seriously?!” or “are you kidding me?!” mode, then BREATHE. By breathing you will be able to reset your mind and buy yourself some time to reset your response. Of course, not a heavy breath or sigh. No matter what your face looks like at that point, you will have given yourself away instantly.

Hydrate Your Way Out of It

A tip I came across on the internet that I found particularly smart was to always bring a bottle of water or cup with you. When you feel you are about to snap, you can take a sip and give yourself some time to regroup.

You Are So Right

Another tip I read online is to trick your brain. Making yourself think that what the other is saying is 100% correct, you are stopping yourself from judging. By listening only, you can refrain yourself from the occasional “are you for real?!” thoughts and accompanying facial expressions. A good tip as I rarely assume that someone is completely right…

Dance Dance Dance

Whenever I need to feel centered, I practice some Irish dance steps in my head. Sometimes even with my hands or feet. It takes the edge of and it takes some energy that would otherwise be used by a very judging facial expression. Just slightly doing some ankle or toe exercises under the table also does the trick for me. Having to do two things at once (still trying to listen you know) makes me less present in a good way in those cases. Nobody needs Judge Ashley with a face looking like she has just seen the stupidest thing ever.  

Sing P-P-P-Poker Face

Let’s face it, when you sing silently to yourself “p-p-p-poker face, p-p-p-poker face” can you truly still have a face that gives your true thoughts away. You may possibly look on the happy side, but positivity is why we needed the poker face in the first place. In order not to show our true feelings when we are in a tight spot.

Are you ready to use these tips and tricks in your next difficult encounter? I sure am going to continue my efforts to get this poker face going. Don’t hesitate to share your stories with me in the section below.

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