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Journaling for #careerlions

Journaling for #careerlions

Whenever morning routines or good habits are discussed, one of the most recurring habits is journaling. I don’t know about you, but the morning isn’t exactly the time I like to sit down, open up a journal and write for times on end. No, the mornings are for hurrying the f*ck up and get to work as fast as possible. In light of creating good habits and owning the day, I have been giving some easy forms of journaling a try. As you might like to try and benefit from journaling, here are three easy and useful ways I like to journal.

Motivational interviewing oneself

Our life, how great it is, can get us into a bit of a rut from time to time. This makes it hard to keep excelling at work or in personal projects. To help find your intrinsic motivation ask yourself: On a scale from 1 to 10, what grade would I give my effort for personal project X? If it’s a 3, ask again: Why isn’t it a 2? The reasons you come up with to substantiate the grade are coming from your intrinsic motivations. I learned this tactic from author Daniel Pink.

Express gratitude

Gratitude is a good way to start off the day. A little insert from our previous blog post about gratitude. As Tony Robbins describes in his book Awaken the Giant Within: Negative emotions have no room of manifesting if a person is feeling grateful. Therefore, whenever you’re feeling gratitude it will positively influence your mental state. In a psychological study, test groups were instructed to make records of their moods, coping behaviors, health behaviors, physical symptoms, and overall life appraisals. Results from the study showed that daily conscious focus on blessings may have emotional and interpersonal benefits.

For the journaling practice, just write down three (little) things you’re grateful for today. For example, today I am grateful for:

  1. Good headspace session as a great start to the day.

  2. No more sore muscles as I took a day off from working out yesterday. I had been feeling super tired and after looking at my schedule of the past week I noticed I had been working out for the past six days. A night off was just what my body needed.

  3. A spontaneous visit to my parents (as I was stuck in traffic and it would take another hour for me to get home) turned into watching old home videos, which was really funny to look back at together.

Food diary

One of the most satisfying, yet challenging things in life for me: food! I love to eat (a lot), but the challenging part is that I do have some intolerances and allergies that I have to take into account. Especially during hay fever season, the food I normally do not react to might cause a bad reaction this time of the year. As I do not always recall having reactions to certain food, I am trying to track what I am eating and when. A positive side effect of keeping up a food diary is that it not only helps me keeping track of the food I should try to avoid, it also gives a lot of awareness about the (junk) food I shouldn’t be eating either.

Conclusion: journaling doesn’t have to be hard or long, which I thought before getting into it. It’s actually really fun and has been beneficial to my overall mood throughout the day. What about you? Do you journal? What are forms you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!

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