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Why working from home is awesome

Why working from home is awesome

Every now and then I love to work from the comfort of my own home. It’s great when I need to do some deep thinking, when I do not feel my best (read: most social) or just when I feel like working in my unicorn pants. Here’s why I think working from home (from time to time) is awesome.

Commuting time can be spent on Netflix

The commute from my bed to my desk will only take about 15 steps, which is practically negligible. That means that the time I usually spend on getting to work, I can sleep in a little bit. Or even better, I can watch some Netflix while having my breakfast. I usually love to start the day off with a little bit of Modern Family, as I love to get my daily dose of Phil.

You only need to look half as sharp

Your upper half that is! I like to wear a blouse or nice shirt on top and joggers or pajama pants on the bottom. As conference calls only display the upper half of your body, you’re good to work from the comfort of your unicorn pants (or Harry Potter pants, or avocado shorts) and bunny socks.

It’s always snack o’clock

Another big plus for my desk is that it is super close to the fridge and kitchen cabinets. Super convenient if, like me, you’re up to snacking all day. To flush down the snacks, I enjoy drinking liters of tea. No worries about sanitary logistics (which can be a bit of a challenge when you’re on the road or at the construction site) as the toilet is only a few steps away!

The spine is well treated

Sitting behind a desk isn’t the best thing one can do for spinal health. When I’m home I like to take micro-breaks to do a plank, spinal wave exercises or hip openers. The yoga video from Yoga With Adriene only takes six minutes. Try it out, your back and neck will thank me.

Brainstorm sessions are super out of the box

Whenever I feel stuck, I like to do a solo brainstorm session. The brainstorming method of choice? Crazy dancing! I like to turn up some music (preferable some nostalgic 00s music as it reminds me of my teen years) and dance around. After a few minutes, I always feel better than I did before. Researchers actually found that dancing is great for the brain and reduces the risk of dementia.

What about you? Do you do anything weird you normally won’t do when working at the office? Let us know in the comments below!

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