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Throwback Thursday - #careerlions edition

Throwback Thursday - #careerlions edition

It is time for #throwbackthursday, where we take you through our favorite articles on the blog. In the past (almost two) years we’ve touched on a lot of subjects and here are the ones we still love to revisit.

Liona’s Throwback Choices

30 Before 30

I am turning thirty in a little bit over three years. There are some things I would love to have achieved before this monumental day. Goal setting can be quite intimidating if they’re only career-related. Inspired by Samantha Maria, I made a list of 30 of my personal goals. The goals are divided into work, life, and play, covering all aspects I want to engineer in my life.

Saying No

Being a people’s pleaser by nature, saying no is something that doesn’t come easily for me. However, I feel like this is one of the most important skills to possess. Saying no to silly and unimportant things will leave room for the truly important stuff to take place. And as I need a reminder from time to time, I love revisiting my personal favorites when it comes to turning stuff down.

Spinal Health

Success and performing well is important whenever you’re engineering your life. The number one priority above everything, however, is your physical and mental health. In our current desk job society, it’s especially important to be aware of our spinal health. In this article, my childhood friend, and physical therapist, Lisa is making a guest appearance to share her knowledge on spinal health with us.

Working With Emotional Intelligence

Almost three years ago, when I had to apply for my graduation internship I first came across the topic of emotional intelligence. I read a book on the subject and I have been applying it every day ever since. Even though IQ is very important, I think we need to give EQ some of our attention. If you’re not convinced, make sure to read Ashley’s take on working with emotional intelligence.

Introvert vs Extravert

Ashley is my bestie and most of the times we don’t need verbal communication to understand the other. But there are times, that I just don’t get her level of grumpiness or need to recharge. Until writing this blog post, together, that is! Not only did it give me a lot of insights about being an intro- or extravert works in the workplace, I also got a better understanding of the people close to me.

Ashley’s Throwback Choices

Turning Stress Into #CareerLion Fuel

We all associate stress with negative emotions and health issues. Whenever I am really busy, I get worried that I might be too stressed. Then I try to remember last year’s article on turning stress into #careerlion fuel and focus on how stress can also make you smarter, stronger, and so much more. This is when I repeat to myself: “I am excited”. Finding meaning and goals beyond yourself, the blog will help you understand how to turn this stress around too.

Understanding Hoarding For CareerLions

One thing is for sure, the busier I get the more mess I make and leave behind. During the last year, I have been able to get rid of a lot of stuff. I mean tens of bags of stuff, accompanied by only a small amount of pain. Whenever I feel that it gets harder to part ways with items, I try to go back to the tips and tricks I gathered in the blog about hoarding.

Body Language at the Office

A blog that I wrote when we just started out, body language at the office is as relevant for me today as it was then. Our body language is so important in the way we are perceived and ultimately determine our interaction with others. When you come across distant and defensive, having your arms crossed, someone’s behavior will be a reaction to this. Every now then, I like to come back to this article and rethink these tips and tricks. Although, it is quite a painful reminder that my posture today as not really improved as much as I would have liked.

Conversation CPR

Another one from the early #careerlion days is a blog on effective communication. In the blog conversation CPR, I focused on the verbal communication barriers more than the body language aspects. I covered the 12 ways to kill a conversation. Day in and day out you are faced with these conversation killers, either because you are guilty of doing it yourself or are left on the receiving end. Understanding these conversation killers, you are able to be more effective in your communication as well as recognize that a conversation is heading in the wrong direction in time to perform CPR.

What is Your Personality?

A more recent one was about understanding your own personality and of those around you. The test that I recommended was done by many in my surroundings and the results were mind-blowing. Somehow, a test with 100-questions has the ability to pinpoint you down and provide you with tailor-made advice on managing yourself and others. The only sad thing is that I was unable to keep the plant resembling my personality alive. I somehow have the ability to kill a cactus.

What about you? What is your favorite #careerlions article? What would you like to see more of? Let us know in the comments below!

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