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6 Reasons to Visit Hawaii

6 Reasons to Visit Hawaii

Bart and I have been loving our holiday to Hawaii. I won tickets last year to fly to any destination with Delta, which turned out to even be in Business class! This is the moment I started dreaming and the whole world felt like it was within reach. We had some “hard” choices to make on how to best use this unbelievable prize I got to win with work. It wasn’t long before Hawaii made it on to the list, along with Australia, the Galapagos Islands, the Maldives, Madagascar, and Tahiti. We like to be a little more on the active side during our holiday and after some consultation on the weather in our top choices, Hawaii made the cut. As Hawaii is more breathtaking than I could have ever imagined, here are 8 reasons why you should also consider booking your trip to Hawaii! 


I think we have established over and over that both Liona and I are absolute foodies. More and more Poke (pronounced ‘poh-khe’)  restaurants are now opening in the Netherlands. Poke is essentially bite size raw fish, seasoned with shoyu, sesame oil, green onion, chili pepper flakes, sea salt, ogo which is a crunchy seaweed, and ’inamona which is a nut condiment. The fish is typically ahi. Poke has been my favourite dish on the islands. I was able to get my hands on it in various restaurants, but also in supermarkets to bring it on the road as there is quite some distance to cover with the car as well as by foot, where there are no nearby facilities).                             



Hawaii really is heaven for the hikers between us. Trails range from short to long, long being multiple hours. They also range from easier to definitely challenging. Whatever trail you do, it seems that you are always rewarded with either a beautiful view and/or beach. The amount of incredible trails is countless and you will not be bored whatsoever. Your body will thank you after as well, as the mountainous landscape is guaranteed to give you a good workout.

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

To stand on top of a volcano is certainly unreal. To stand on the world’s most massive volcano that is still active is something that my brain still cannot wrap it’s head around. The Big Island is actually the largest mountain in the world if you would include the mountain underneath sea level. Even more interesting is that it is still growing. 500 acres of land have been added since the 1980s.

We were fortunate enough to hike right across the crater doing the Kilauea Iki Trail and to walk through a lava tube on the Big Island. We got to see the plumes created by rainfall that is boiled below the surface from the steam vents. Also, we were able to admire a gaping crater full of hot lava with steam billowing into the sky, looking out from the Jaggar Museum patio in the park. The closest you were able to get the moment, as parts of the park are closed off due to real threats of death. Last but not least, we were able to hike the lava crusts to view the lava in the dark. A hike that I will remember forever, walking towards the lava at sunset. To later see a sky full of stars and glowing lava.



Snorkeling in Hawaii is gorgeous. No need for organized tours in Hawaii. You can do both long and short hikes to the most beautiful locations such as black sand or red sand beaches. Bring your own gear and you are guaranteed to view the beauty the ocean has to offer for free. The coral being unlike anything we had ever seen before, of course with the lava crusts to thank for that.

Beach state parks 

As I already mentioned in the section on snorkeling and hiking, there are so many beautiful beaches. Not like Scheveningen close to where I live, where everyone sits in each others personal space every time we spot a glimpse of sun. Many remote beaches, each one more beautiful than the next. If you are well prepared (unlike us, deciding a week in advance), you may even be able to camp out on the beach state parks.


The atmosphere on the islands is so nice and chill. Nothing compared to our lives in the Netherlands. They even drive relaxed and there certainly aren’t people trying to cut you off just to save a few minutes on their commute. No stress and relax seems the motto.

Something else that we have noticed is the “love”, one of the meanings of aloha, that seems to be going around. People generally are also a lot more friendly and genuinely interested. We have never had so much small talk on a holiday ever. Where I normally shy away from these conversations, we have actually met some very interesting people along the trip. Learning about the islands and other ways of live both in Hawaii and on the mainland.

Additional Tips

A few additional tips, in case you decide to plan your trip:

  • Have yourself some local avocados, they are truly amazing.
  • We decided to cover four of the islands. Honestly, this was a bit over enthusiastic. Even if you were to stay on one island only, you will be in for a trip to remember.
  • Also, it can be handy to drive a 4-wheel drive SUV. Some of the activities like stargazing in Mauna Kea (the largest observatory where you will be able to rise above the clouds)S will require you to drive such a vehicle if you want to make it to the top. Most roads are well maintained, but there are plenty of roads that are not paved and are much more challenging when you are driving a more “European” size car.
  • High season in Hawaii apparently is not the best time in terms of weather. A few of our activities got cancelled or literally “fell in the water” like the Dutch would say, due to the severe weather conditions.
  • An activity we had planned, but unfortunately got cancelled due to severe weather conditions, is to snorkel at night with manta rays. They flash lights and then they illuminate. I have seen videos and it looks amazing!
  • Unfortunately, we have not been able to do this ourselves yet due to the weather (yes, again) and some food poisoning (luckily not me this time). We did hear that it was amazing to see them up close, but sightings during tours are not guaranteed of course and you will have to plan your trip during the right season.
  • Last but not least, surfing and peddle boarding is supposed to be great here. We are going to do this during our last days here.

So, are you ready to book your holiday to Hawaii or maybe start saving up first? Let us know in the comment section below like always.

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