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Why you should be walking

Why you should be walking

Last December I went into surgery knowing that it could be pointless if I did not move enough after. There was a slight chance it would fail anyway, but by not using my legs I would be sure that the surgery failed. As a result, I was motivated to walk every single day. Now I have realized that it was not just benefiting the result of the surgery. I have experienced many more advantages. So, what are the reasons you should consider walking on a daily basis? Here is an overview of all the pro’s I have experienced since Christmas.


We have blogged about streaks before and the benefits of course. Habits form in 21 days and by tracking your streaks it will be painful not to continue with your habit even when you are not having your day. Walking on a daily basis provides you with the perfect habit to form streaks. I have purchased a Fitbit end of last year and I really feel it helps me keep track of my walking. Not getting enough steps really becomes an issue when you wear the reminder around your wrist. Also, the app does a great job tracking our progress. I feel absolutely great when I see the overview of my daily exercising on the Fitbit app and my daily/weekly steps count. Yesterday, I was thrilled to see my daily step count exceed 20000! I also feel it is a great confidence boost to see that I meet my daily and weekly count even when the weather is crap, I am not feeling up for it, or my agenda is really full. The fact that even in those cases I still manage, makes me feel great. Although, I do feel a lot better in the sun than in the hail of course.


Walking everyday really compliments your body. I lost some weight, but I also gained a lot of muscle in the process. Usually, when you walk you will be in your fat burning zone. We are not running of course. I can tell you, after a month, I really started seeing and feeling the difference. Say goodbye to pieces of your muffin tops. In my case, I really felt that my back was getting stronger and more toned. With my desk job and preference for Netflix and reading, I usually don’t stand or walk for long periods of time. As a result, your body becomes used to this and you start to experience back and neck injuries. With the walking, I have found that especially my back started to feel stronger and my posture is slowly improving.


I have tried meditation and unfortunately still haven’t mastered the art. However, I feel that sometimes being still might just not be the best way of me to achieve it. With dancing, I always felt that I was able to find that mindful place where you are not thinking about anything. The steps are already in your muscles and when you start thinking too much, this is the moment you will start making mistakes. With walking, I find that you are also able to process your thoughts. It allows you to go through some of the issues you are dealing with that become apparent when it is just you walking alone in the forest for instance. This would be the moment to deal with it and decide to let it go.


You know the way when you sit down you are blocked and then when you go to the bathroom you suddenly have a brilliant idea? Well, when you are moving you are generally more creative. I generally have to take out my phone to make some notes numerous times during a walk. It really helps me to find inspiration, for instance for blog topics. Also, I often think of great new or sometimes even old ideas for work that I make sure to note down on my phone.


If you don’t feel like spending time with your own thoughts while walking, you can also take the time to listen to podcasts. I find that walking and listening to for instance Tim Ferriss is the perfect combination. 

Do you walk often? Are you considering now to start with daily walking? How do you stay motivated and on track? Let us know in the comment section below.

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