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Thanks 2018!

Thanks 2018!

Thank you for all adventures you’ve brought us. Thank you for all the wonderful challenges because they’ve made us into the persons we are today. Thank you for taking us to all the places we’ve visited and bringing us safely home again. 2018, you’ve been wonderful and it’s time to take a moment to be grateful for that.

Liona’s personal moments of gratitude

In the workplace: The second last day of my USA holiday I got a call about a changed work situation when I would come home. While at that time I was in a light panic, it all turned out to be a great opportunity for me to make the next step forward. I switched from Operational Excellence to IT which still needs some adjustments, but I love working on creating value through IT innovations. Furthermore, I got the chance to organise and go on a trip to London with colleagues to visit construction projects there. All in all, a great year work wise.

In the lion’s den: Like last year, my home aka lion’s den changed again! This year I moved in with the boyfriend. I was a bit nervous at first as I’m really attached to my personal space and time. However, it turned out to be the most fun things ever. I love coming home to him more than I expected and wouldn’t change it for the world. Our next challenge? A new interior! Besides home interior I started some new personal projects, but that’s material I will share in the future.

Out and about: Justin. Timberlake. Need I say more? Damn, the guy is still as smooth in 2018 as in the 2005 SexyBack days! Going to his concert was an absolute pleasure. Another fun thing I discovered this year is going on little trips in the country. I went beer tasting in a brewery in a Haarlem church and biked for almost 100K on the famous Dutch island Texel. Also, I went to an event by myself last week which felt like a pretty awesome personal victory.  

Abroad: I have been lucky to travel a lot again this year. I skied in both France and Austria, ate Belgian waffles in Liege, enjoyed the Plitvice lakes in Croatia with my girlfriends, drank Kolsch in Cologne, went sale shopping in Antwerp (hello Isabel Marant booties for 70% off and thank you Ashley for spotting them), saw the northern lights in Iceland, biked across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, drank butter beer in Florida and hiked in the Irish Wicklow Mountains. These moments wouldn’t be as precious if it wasn’t for the people I got to share them with, which I am most grateful about. The next year will start out pretty awesome too as I’ll be skiing in France again and I got a trip to Valencia for Christmas!

Ashley’s personal moments of gratitude

In the workplace: For having the best colleagues ever, making me feel “at home” at the office and part of the team(s). Also, for getting the opportunity to start as a Business Process Manager in the cargo department. A very exciting new step for me with new and more responsibilities in a completely different environment. Moving from the head office to the cargo handling stations at Schiphol centre.

In the lion’s den: In terms of the lion’s den, we had a few setbacks this year. Ideally, we would like to change our lion’s den to our “own” place and start decorating and investing in our future together. Despite this setback, however, I am truly happy to come home to Bart every single day. I love cooking at home and preparing our (new) favourite meals. Playing board games together and Mario on the Wii. Watching Netflix and movies at home together after a long day at work. I wouldn’t want it any other way, except all that in an even more comfortable and cozier home of our own.  

Out and about: I don’t even know where to start with this one. I really had amazing experiences that I will cherish forever. With my uncle I got to see Vrienden van Amstel Live from the VIP area. I also went to see Ed Sheeran with my friends, dancing to Galway Girl of course. Together with Bart I went to see Gryffin and Kylie Minogue. Also, did we go to the Rijksmuseum, which was a first for me. As well as going to the Van Gogh museum was for me, with colleagues. Also, having an unlimited cinema subscription was a lot of fun too. This surely isn’t everything. I was really fortunate to be able to have all of these wonderful experiences.  

Abroad: For winning business class tickets anywhere in the world and getting to share an amazing holiday with Bart in Hawaii. I never thought we would be able to see the different islands in the middle of the Pacific at this age, if ever. The nature was so overwhelmingly beautiful. Being able to walk across the crater rim of a volcano that erupted not much later this year. Of course, I am also extremely thankful for all the other trips with my friends, family, and obviously Bart. I got to see Croatia and Madrid for the first time, Rome, Antwerp, Munich, Paris, Nice, Ramstein, and more. All while enjoying the company of my loved ones.

Now we’ve shared our moments of gratitude during the past year, we’re curious to know about yours. Did you make a bold move in your work or personal life? Of did you feel extremely happy when you were out and about during a trip (abroad)? Spread the joy and make sure to share them with us in the comments below. If you’re curious what we’ve been grateful about differently from last year, make sure to read this blog post.

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