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Lessons 2018

Lessons 2018

With the end of 2018 in sight, this week’s blog is dedicated to the lessons we learned during the year. Career Lions is all about engineering your life and self-improvement. This goes hand in hand with evaluating how you have been doing and what are those major lessons that you have learned recently.


To Never Give Up Hope

The past year has been very turbulent. I started out the year recovering from surgery on both my legs simultaneously. Needless to say, it was rough. Having lots of fluids in my legs I wasn’t able to sit a few hours in a row and had to cut back on my travels for work. I also had to work from home for a couple of weeks in a row, being stuck at home with me, myself, and I. Not being able to dance still and the recovering progressing slowly, it was hard to keep hoping for a future where I could dance again and even just drive to work without excruciating pain. However, the longing to go back to dancing and have the ability to train in my spare time kept me going. I kept hope and it paid off. End of this year, I finally got to participate again in the World Qualifiers of Irish Dance. While of course I had to lower my expectations as my recovery is unfortunately still ongoing, a couple of months ago I never could have expected to participate to begin with. While I used to say that hope set you up for disappointment, I now know that without hope I would not have made it this far this year.

Empathise, Accept, and Move On

This year more than ever did I learn to accept things and people as they are. Where my first reaction in the past could have been anger and disbelieve, I have moved to trying to understand someone’s behaviour. To understand their starting point and perspective. It has helped me to better accept the way things are, as inefficient and ineffective as they may be. Sometimes there is just no point to be upset with someone or a situation, as they may even have a very good reason to behave that way. The only thing we can do is to accept those things outside our span of control and move on. To take advise from the Stoics, still teaching us today that one should focus only on what he or she can influence. It is good to question and criticise things in life when this is for the greater good. However, if it isn’t going anywhere, you should: #moveon.


I have so much to be grateful for

Whether you’re just starting out a new job , or are dealing with setbacks,  you’ll deal with some ups and downs. In those downtimes, most of the unpleasant feelings are caused by your own perception. To positively change this perception, I like to think about the things I am grateful for. And honestly, as a healthy person living in a safe country I have a lot to be thankful for in any situation! For the past year, I am especially grateful for the special friends and family in my life, moving in with the boyfriend, getting the opportunity to travel a bit, and taking on new challenges at work. 

Isn’t it empowering to know that you are in charge of changing this, without being dependent on any outside influences? Summing up everything I am happy about in particular helps to snap me out of the funky mood.

Life isn’t a checklist of accomplishments

We’re always so demanding: I need to be the perfect business analyst at work, I need to be a fitgirl in the gym, I need to be the perfect girlfriend at home, I need to be the most creative writer, I need, I need, I need. In the midst of daily life, it’s hard to be grateful for everything that you have accomplished without reaching for the next accomplishment. However, it helps to realise that life and your personal happiness isn’t a checklist of accomplishments (I borrowed this lesson from J.K. Rowling). There’s more to it, and you’ll only find out about this when you’ve let go of that checklist. It helped me loads after coming to this realisation and I hope it may have the same value to you.

What did you learn in 2018? What are the major lessons you learned and will carry with you into 2019? Please share it with us.

Thanks 2018!

Thanks 2018!

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