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How to Cocoon Like a Pro

How to Cocoon Like a Pro

Brace yourselves, winter is coming. While the last season of Game Of Thrones is still on its way, the colder weather is approaching. Now it’s easy to get carried away in the darker days and even develop seasonal affective disorder. However, I choose to welcome the cold as now you’ll have the perfect excuse to cocoon. And who doesn’t love a good cocooning session? Because we take cocooning quite seriously, today we’ll elaborate on the ingredients for a dreamy night of cocooning. Read on if you want to cocoon like a pro.

Engineering a cocoon session with just enough effort

When putting effort into something, you want a positive result. The best way to approach this with is the Pareto principle. What is the 20% of effort that will result in 80% of the outcome? This way, you will ensure to put in the effort, but not overdo it (as unwinding is actually the first step to a good chilling session). Engineer your cocooning night with the 20% of the ingredients you like:

  1. Take off the tight jeans, pencil skirt, and/or bra (oh yes, ultimate freedom). Put on your favourite jammies and fluffy socks! Hair in a bun and wipe off that makeup. Don’t you feel so much more relaxed already?

  2. Get yourself a cosy blanket. I prefer an extra fluffy or cute one, like a mermaid blanket.

  3. Dim the lights. Turn your bright lights off and light some candles. It will feel cosy (and romantic) immediately. If you’re in the mood to be extra, light some scented candles. The lack of brightness in the room from the lights will stimulate melatonin production, the sleeping hormone. This will help you unwind and relax.

  4. If you’re not into scented candles. When I’m not into candles at the moment I like to spray some lavender pillow mist, as lavender helps me relax too.

  5. An important element of cocooning are the snacks. My go to snacks I love to have are: nachos with guacamole, salted popcorn with Maltesers on top, brie on toast, sweet potato fries with garlic or truffle mayo, Cadbury’s caramel chocolate bar, and Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice-cream. I am usually avoiding wheats and dairy products since I am allergic, but I will make an exception (and be extra good all week) to indulge on cocooning night.

  6. Drinks, almost just as important as snacks. My number one drink is a warm cup of tea. Preferably a nice one from Dilmah or Kusmi (or the yummy one Ashley introduced me to from Laduree the other day). If I am being cheeky and want some next level treat, I’ll have a glass of red wine. The kinds I especially like are Malbec’s and Merlot’s.

  7. Get your Netflix playlist on point. Oh yes, while you’re probably trying to keep yourself from watching Netflix all week, this is the night to give in! Series I have binge watched during cosy nights in are: Stranger Things, La Casa De Pappel, and Peaky Blinders.

  8. Make it a spa night with a little facial scrub and (sheet) mask. Give yourself a nice manicure and polish and you will not only feel great on the inside, but also shine on the outside. I like to use Sally Hansen’s Mauve-olous gel nail polish (the ones without UV light). To keep up with the Pareto principle, this polish will last me up to two weeks for little effort.

  9. If your snacks aren’t sufficient, or you start your cocooning extra early, order take out. I love delivery services such as Deliveroo and Thuisbezorgd to treat myself to a night without cooking. As I am a creature of habit my choice is usually one of the following three. It’s either a Vietnamese Pho, Greek calamaris and gyros, or burgers. The side dish that can never lack? FRENCH FRIES! Oh, and mayo, lots of mayo.

  10. And last but not least, a cuddling partner. Whether it’s a boyfriend, puppy or just really nice pillow (yes, I am the kind of girl that cuddles pillows); it’s nice to cuddle up!

I usually like to be a bit extra and go for the comfy jammies, mermaid blanket, order food, Netflix, and tea. What are your ingredients for the best cocoon session? Drop them in the comments below!


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