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The Boyfriend Article – Part Two

The Boyfriend Article – Part Two

Earlier this week, you already had the pleasure to get to know the significant other of Liona. Today you will get to know mine, the one and only Bart! Whereas, I also like to think of myself as an independent woman, I do have someone to cheer me on or slow me down when I need it. Read on indeed if you want to hear more dirt about me…

Ashley About Bart

Bart is the love of my life and everything I want in my life partner (especially when he listens haha). We have known each other for nearly nine years and are living together for more than two and a half years already. He now works at a pension fund in The Hague, cycling distance from our house of which I am particularly jealous.

I love how Bart supports me in all of my adventures, even if I take on too many once in a while. Then he will help me to realize that I need to take a step back. He accepts and appreciates me for who I am, even though once in a while he tries to convert me into a tidy person (not going to happen Bart XD, dream on). He definitely knows me way to well and we tend to be very much alike. Something that I think Liona will gladly confirm. Sometimes when I do bitch about Bart, she loves to throw this in my face for sure. Bart is one of the (book-)smartest people I know. Don’t ask him to fix something in the house, but anything financially, economical, and/or mathematical related: Bart is your guy. He is also extremely good at planning (surprise) trips and holidays and a lot fun to travel with! I cannot wait to find out what the future holds for us, but it better be buying a house soon XD.

The story of how we met? As much of a cliché as possible also: a bar. Only I was 18 at the time and Bart just two and a half years older. I can’t remember all the specifics, but I do remember that he was the cutest looking guy there! We bonded over university (this bar was not your typical student bar, so to say), both having started when we were only 17 and always being the youngest and shortest in the class.

He is not as comfortable writing for you in English, so here is my “non-filtered” translation of his answers:

Q&A with Bart

Q: What is it like being a #careerlions boyfriend?

A: In general, being a boyfriend means want it means for many other couples. This includes bickering about small things and having discussions just for the sake of it. That is all for the negativity! It is fun being with Ashley, as she is a sweet, intelligent, but above all an enthusiastic girl that I have seen develop (among others due to Career Lions) on both personal and work-related level. It is very impressive to see how Ashley is able to dive into books about personal development and trying to implement this knowledge at work. By now, I have also realized that Ashley reads a book six times as fast. Her interest in cookbooks is also something that has contributed to my life, although my body might start to disagree after I turn 30. Besides that, I really appreciated Ashley’s stimulation to always push myself to achieve my full potential.

The thing I enjoy most are my holidays with Ashley. Where we may have minor disagreements at home, there is no one else that I share the same holiday interests with. Completely autistic, we will play Yahtzee when we have to wait for our food. Overall, I have learned two things during these holidays. Always make sure that my careerlion is well fed and never walk more than 30,000 steps in one day (even though I then secretly know then that I have already gone too far haha).

Q: Share a behind the scenes memory with Ash/Lio?

A: Then making pictures is what comes to mind. For instance, the last time I took about 100 pictures in the hall of our house. Here, I was mostly directed by Ashley. First, I started off with a joke that we had such great lightning. However, a few attempts later it became clear that there would not be a good picture in the bunch and it was mostly due to my lack of photography skills. Another time that comes to mind is when Liona and Ashley woke up me to make a morning picture, even though I was in bed at 6AM after a night out. Ah well, you hear me complaining now, but in the end it was a lot of fun to do and see how much fun Liona and Ashley have working on their blog!

Q: What is your favourite #careerlion article and why? Do you really read everything?

A: I liked the blogpost about “How to become a lightpacker”. Not necessarily because of the content, but more because I think it is a very recognizable situation for many. The many times I was overpacked myself for festival weekend or trip to for instance Central-America! Reading this blog, I also chuckle a little as I know how challenging it is for Ashley to pack light for a trip (she likes stuff). This blog gives you fun practical tools for light packing. Given that I still have not been able to achieve this myself, I am definitely considering to read it again!  

Q: What is a #careerlion competence you wish you had?

A: That is a simple question. Perseverance, motivation/dedication, and focus (even if that is already 3 haha). I admire that even in a week where Ashley dances 4 times, meets with girlfriends, and works in Paris or Nice, she is still capable to always find time to write an article. This can be from home, but may as well be a hotel room or flight. This dedication I definitely see in her work as well.

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