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Why you need some lavender in your life

Why you need some lavender in your life

Lavender is not only a great color, it is also an awesome (and quite underrated) herb. Today’s blogpost will dig into why it’s so great and offers tips to include some more lavender into your daily routines. Lavender is a strong scented plant with purple florals originating from the Mediterranean. Lavender is known for its natural healing purposes. Curious to know how this herb can help you optimize your performance? Make sure to read on!

The benefits of lavender

Lavender helps you to relax and fall asleep in a natural way. Therefore, most benefits of lavender are associated with improved sleep. As we’ve learned from previous blog posts improved sleep means better performance, more happiness, and overall quality of life. But lavender has even more benefits:

  • Lavender oil helps to reduce inflammation and therefore has a cardio protective effect in preventing myocardial infarction.

  • Researches show that aroma therapy has a positive effect on dysmenorrhea, also known as menstruation cramps (hurray for being a girl). The essential oil used in this research to have to best effect is lavender oil.

  • Lavender has shown a positive effect on the blood flow, resulting in less anxiety.

  • For the yogi’s: Lavender is supposed to be helpful to open up and strengthen your heart chakra.

In short, lavender has many benefits which are worth to try out for yourself. In the next part I am sharing tips on how I use lavender in my routines.

How I incorporate lavender in my life

I love the subtle hint of lavender, especially in and around my nighttime routine. On a regular night, I like to incorporate one of five options to include some lavender:

  1. Lavender shower gel is a nice touch in your hot and steamy shower before bed. I am a huge fan of Bath & Bodyworks Aromatherapy sleep line with their lavender and cedar wood (the smell of sexy men in my humble opinion, haha). Unfortunately, this one isn’t available in The Netherlands, but whenever I come across it abroad, I make sure to pick up a bottle.

  2. If you’re more of a bath taking person, you might consider a lavender infused bath salt or bath tea. Yes, you read that right, there’s actually tea to put in your bath! I love it as it turns the water purple and makes me feel like a mermaid in the bath.

  3. When it comes to bath salt I like to combine lavender with Epsom salt especially after workouts. The Epsom salt is very high in magnesium, which helps reduce sore muscles. Another nice addition is that Epsom salt also helps whenever your body is a bit bloated, bye puffiness!

  4. On top of my regular pillow I have a little herbal pillow. As the word says it’s a little pillow with dry herbs in it, in this case lavender. I lay it on my pillow all day and put it close to my head when I go to bed. Inhaling the scents helps me relax and on my way to dreamland.

  5. The travel alternative of the herbal pillow (as that one isn’t that practical to bring out and about with you) is a lavender scented pillow spray. Whenever I don’t sleep at home, I like to bring the spray and sprits a little bit on my pillow. Not only is it helpful to relax, it also gives a familiar homey scent as it’s practically the same as the herbal pillow. 

What about you? Convinced that lavender might help for a great night’s sleep and therefore even more awesome performance? Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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