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Getting #Careerlion Ready for Autumn

Getting #Careerlion Ready for Autumn

Not so long ago, I wrote about the books to read this autumn. Now that the last days of “good weather” seem to be behind us in the Netherlands, I will write to you about autumn necessities that you can’t go without (in my opinion of course). Everything you need to be as comfortable as possible in your #careerlion life now that autumn is really going to become reality.  

1.     Layer Up

Autumn weather and climate control at the office will require you to layer up well such that you can adjust to the temperatures outside as well as at work. It can easily be cold commuting to work, while during lunchtime and in meeting rooms it may very well still be particularly warm. You need to be ready. In with the blazers, scarfs, and leather jackets, to easily adapt and make yourself comfortable.  

2.     Thermos

Cold mornings demand a good and big cup of tea even more than in summer. Your body needs to get to the right temperature and be comforted to take on the day. As you may be in rush with waking up getting more and more difficult as mornings get darker, a good thermos flask is essential. That way you can have your tea (or coffee maybe in your case) on your way to work, if you are unable to work from home and dodge the increasing number of traffic jams that is. I love my semi-new Dopper one that I have used daily since I got it. It doesn’t leak at all and my tea stays nice and hot (sometimes even too hot according to my mouth).

3.     Sunglasses

If you drive to work, a good and obviously nice pair of sunglasses is essential. Here, that is your shopping excuse if you needed any haha. With the low sun, it is hard to drive without them. Also, the lack of people wearing them also seems to be another source adding to the traffic jam magnitude.

4.     Invest in Lights for Cycling

If you are not taking the car, but are lucky enough to live in cycling distance from work or take the train to work after a short bike ride, you need to start investing again in bike lights. All of a sudden, you start to go to work and/or home in the dark. It can be an expensive autumn and winter if you don’t invest and get caught cycling without.  

5.     Umbrella

In anyway, it seems safe to say that you should invest in an umbrella. Preferably a storm-proof umbrella that is, especially in the Netherlands. Rainy days are coming and nothing feels more like a rain on your parade then having done your hair (and makeup) perfectly to own the day, only to end up drenched before ever setting foot in the office.

A little quote to wrap up: 

Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.
— Chad Sugg

What are your tips and tricks to survive the upcoming autumn days?

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