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A Business Trip Survival Guide for #Careerlions

A Business Trip Survival Guide for #Careerlions

For some jobs, business trips are essential and you will have to fly out at least every so often. Video-conferencing, despite all the technological improvements, just doesn’t always cut it. However, I do plan to write a blog for you on the tips and tricks for video-conferencing very soon! These business trips do ask a lot from your health, I can say from experience. So, how do you survive? More on that in this week’s blog: a survival guide to business trips!

Flying means, even on short distance flights, has quite some impact on your body. Don’t get me wrong, I love to fly, travel, and moreover love the airline industry. However, it is better to address the obvious and take the necessary precautions.


Yes, you swell up when you fly. Especially after the surgery on both my legs, the swelling was severe. At some it will really start to hurt and feel particularly uncomfortable. What you need for this are compression socks. The sports doctor and physiotherapist have both advised me to fly with compression socks, no matter the duration of the flight. Therefore, it is important to consider an outfit that allows you to easily wear these socks during the flight itself.

Prevent airplane acne

After I realizing that my acne breakouts are particularly worse when I have had a row of business trips, I googled. No serious disease luckily (I mean we have all been there right?), but apparently plane breakouts are a thing! The unusual low humidity during a flight causes your skin to overproduce oil to correct for the balance. In combination with the stress accompanied with travel and the extra work accompanied with these business trips, you have yourself a one-way or return trip to a breakout. Strolling the internet there are some tips to manage this:

  • Prior to the flight: cleanse well, wear as little makeup products, and moisturize the skin well including a serum ideally.

  • During the flight: blot to soak up the oil overproduction and moisturize.

  • After the fight: scrub your face and use a mask.

Boosting your immune system

On a plane, the air is recirculated. Even though the air is filtered, there is a higher risk to get infected by others. Besides that, you could easily sit right next to someone that was, is, or is about to be ill. They could be contagious either way. The best thing you can do to stay healthy is to boost your immune system before your business trips (as well as your leisure trips I would say). Eating healthy, drinking sufficient amount of fluids, and taking the desired supplements in the week leading up to your trip. Above all, sleeping enough in the period leading up to your trips. But more on that now…


If we are anything alike, you will not have a full night of sleep just before your business trip. It doesn’t matter how often you go on business trips I think, you are always a little bit more on edge to make the flight on time. Always trying to arrive just in time not to lose to much time and rest, while still making your flight and full day of meetings. “Living on the edge” like this, your body doesn’t get the same amount of rest as you would normally. Believe me, I have tracked and analyzed my Fitbit sleep analysis results over and over. So, make sure that you sleep well in the week leading up to your business trip. Also, prepare to nap during the flight! Think of eye masks, travel pillows, scarfs to use as blankets, and picking the right seat…

Pick the window seat

This tip I also found on the internet and is very logical if you think about it. Take the window seat as you are less likely to be in contact with others that are ill. In any case, I like the window seat best in any way for napping as well. I try to sleep in the direction of the window, to avoid awkward situation where I wake up drooling on top of a fellow business traveler (again).


As said before, during a flight there are unusually low humidity levels. Therefore it is important that you are well hydrated before flying. Also, to hydrate during the flight and upon arrival. For this I make sure that I bring my dopper’s and fill them up with water and tea before and after at the office. That way I make sure that I stay well hydrated regardless.

How do you survive business trips?


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