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SNAP! Review for #Careerlions

SNAP! Review for #Careerlions

As I have mentioned a few times in previous blogs as well, I am discovering more and more topics related to management skills. Skills that will help you establish the best work environment for yourself and those around you, perform at your best and stimulates good collaboration with others. It may also function as input for conflict management. In my blog on What is Your Personality?, I describe how we can define personality and how it is the basis of your behavior.

It was long believed that our personalities were set during the early stages of our childhood and remain consistent through the course of your life. Recent studies have now contradicted this belief, indicating that we can change our personalities through therapy and/or by means of our own efforts. Today, my blog is about the book SNAP!: Change Your Personality in 30 Days by Dr. Gary Small. He is a New York Times bestselling author, head of the UCLA Longevity Center, and an expert in neuroscience and human behavior. The book taps into the key components of personality development and tools and techniques to make the most of your personality traits, based on recent findings that we can change our personalities after all. Read on if you want to know more about changing our personality and a review of SNAP!.

The “Big Five”

No, I am not talking about spotting the “Big Five” on safari. Although, of course, you will be sure to spot some lions here haha. I am talking about the “Big Five” dimensions that can be used to describe someone’s personality. These are:

  1. Extraversion

  2. Openness

  3. Conscientiousness

  4. Agreeableness

  5. Emotional Stability

In SNAP!, Small uses these dimensions and small questionnaires as a way to give you insight in your own personality. To help you find out, what are the aspects that you would like to work on. Also, to study the pros and cons of the different personality traits. The test I would recommend online is the “16 Personalities” test which you can find here.

Why You Can Change

Personality disorders may prevent you from being able to change your personality in 30 days. If you truly have such a disorder, then you might want to consider professional help in order to achieve your desired changes. Luckily, less than 10% of the population suffers from such disorders. For those of you, there is no excuse to work on your personality traits to help you achieve your life goals.

The Four Phases of Change

Small has created a user-friendly approach to determine their readiness for change, making a plan, and achieving the goals in mind. He refers to the approach as the CPAS Method for Change. The CPAS stands for:

  • Considering: The moment you are thinking about a change, but are not yet convinced it is really possible. One of my personal moments: “I should stop eating cake, cookies, and chocolate, but I am not yet sure how to live without”.

  • Planning: Ones you know what to change and are motivated, it is time to make a plan: DIY or professional help.

  • Acting: Take action, adopt those new behaviors and ways of thinking and according to Small see the result in 30 days only.

  • Sustaining: Make sure to sustain the changes, by considering the strategies that we will explore next.

Change Strategies for the Long Haul

So, Small promises you that you will be able to change your personality in 30 days. To do so, he offers you multiple strategies to make this stick. Here, are a few useful tips and tricks to make sure your efforts to change actually pay off:

  • Make sure to detail your reasons for changing, to keep yourself motivated.

  • Make an inventory of the barriers that might hold you back from making the changes.

  • Deal with your feelings to avoid relapsing as a result of anxiety, guilt, and other uncomfortable emotions.

  • Be reasonable, deciding to become a unicorn, for instance, does not set your up for success.

  • Adjust your approach when you notice that you are relapsing.


SNAP!: Change Your Personality in 30 Days is an easy and informative read. The book is neither too dry or too light. The focus of the book on the “Big Five” dimensions makes the book interesting for all professionals. Personality remains a major aspect of the hiring processes. However, it also provides many insights in creating the best environment for you and those around you to perform. It can provide you with a toolkit to create that happy workplace that has been shown time and again to benefit employee productivity. I find it very refreshing that Small focuses on methods and techniques to change your personality for the better, but also make the best of your personality traits as they are today. Personally, I do think the book focused a little too much on the different kinds of therapies that could possibly fast track your change. However, this book provides some handy guidelines if you are looking to see what therapy would be most suitable for you and what to look for in a therapist. Also, Small does a good job uncovering the myths.

Are you ready to make some changes in your personality? What is it that you would like to change? Are you going to pick up a copy of Small’s SNAP!? Share it with us below!

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