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Small Wins for #Careerlions

Small Wins for #Careerlions

At #careerlions we are constantly busy trying to unravel the secrets to becoming the best version of yourself, engineering your life to exceed your own expectations. Lately, I have been more focused on management techniques and their impact. If you want to optimize how to handle yourself and others in your quest to achieve your common goals, we want to reveal the methods that motivate and stimulate productivity. Today’s blog dives into the concept of small wins.

Why you need a positive Inner Work Life?

Teresa Amabile, a Professor at the Harvard Business School, is an expert on productivity. She has researched in detail what makes people happy and productive at work. She and her husband are the authors of The Progress Principle. A book that focuses on using small wins to ignite joy, engagement and creativity at work.

Amabile defines our inner work life as what goes on in our brains during a workday. Inner work life is the mix of emotions, motivations, and perceptions that is critical to performance. Research indicates that a positive inner work life, basically meaning feeling good at work, makes us more productive and creative. Feeling good, we nail it at work and enjoy the process along the way. Who doesn’t want that?!

But how do boost our inner work life?

Researching the diaries of knowledge workers, the data showed that the main contributor to a positive inner work life is making progress on a meaningful project. It showed that we perform at our best when we make progress on something that matters to us. Of course, major wins on complicated projects are impossible on a day to day basis. However, funny enough we don’t need these big wins. It turns out that the small wins on a daily basis are making the difference.

How to introduce small wins

Whether it is introducing small wins for yourself or for your team, you will to introduce this small win technique as soon as possible of course. Brian Johnson from Optimize has come with the following to questions to do the trick:

  1. What are your meaningful goals?
  2. What is needed to progress on one or more of these goals?

By finding out what goals are meaningful to you, you will know whether small wins on the project(s) will be able to boost your inner work life. Knowing how you can make progress, will help you find those to do’s to add to your list. Leaving you motivated and happy at the end of the day when it is crossed off your list.

For me, my meaningful goals at work are further developing the tool that is now in production and making sure it is running smoothly in the meantime. I want to create valuable content for our blog and increase our reach. Personally, I would like to understand and speak a little French with my colleagues. Last but not least, become an Irish Dance teacher.

What is it that I can do today? Well, read in one of my personal development books that I have recently bought to find inspiration to blog about. Walk, cycle, and do exercises at home to become mobile again and start training for dancing again. Take one of my online French classes today and submit my homework.

Are you ready to embrace the concept of small wins and boost your inner work life? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. I sure am!


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