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Battery Saving Mode and Recharging for #careerlions

Battery Saving Mode and Recharging for #careerlions

Being recharged after our holiday and feeling like I can take on all the upcoming challenges, I thought this week I could do some investigation on how to keep my new-found energy level up. Also, to help those that still have some time to go till their next holiday. How does one become and stay fully charged with or without going on holiday for a few weeks? Find out reading this week’s blog.

According to Tom Rath, best seller author of Are You Fully Charged?, the three keys to energizing your life are meaning, interactions, and energy. If there is one person that we might want to listen to regarding this topic, Rath is probably the guy. He is a hero that has overcome many forms of cancer, which was diagnosed when he was only 16 years of age.


Meaning is something that you can achieve by finding out where your strengths and interest meet. Such that you get to a point that combines your strengths, interest and needs. By asking yourself what you are good at, what you want to do, and what the world needs, you can find out what it is exactly that will give your life the meaning needed to energize your life and stay recharged.

Meaning = Strengths + Interests + Needs

Personally, my strengths are probably my perseverance, eye for detail and system way of thinking. That combined with my interest in systems and the aviation industry, already gave me a sense of direction towards finding meaning in my life. What I currently need is a job that gives me stability working from a head office where I can focus and take on challenge after challenge. My job gives me meaning and energy to continue. However, it is probably more of a battery saving mode than recharging. What is it that you are good at? Would like to do? And is something that somebody might actually appreciate, expressed in cash or otherwise?


The quality of your interactions is one of the other three elements according to Rath that will make sure that you are fully charged. If you want social interactions to have a recharging effect, being able to benefit from the experiences fully, you will want to make sure that your phone is out of sight and out of mind. A lot of scientific research has now proven that having your phone out when you are with other people endangers your ability to recharge. While I used to be offended when people used their phones when hanging out, I now spot myself doing it more and more myself. Let’s all try this week to keep our phones out of sight when we are with other people and see if we can make it a permanent improvement!

The other thing to make sure you are fully charged is to outnumber the negative moments with positive ones. Rath indicates that the science behind this is that oxytocin (corresponding to positives) metabolizes faster than cortisol (related to negatives). As a result, you experience much more effects in case of negative moments than the other way around. Also, science has proven that one glorious moment does not outperform several good moments in one day. So, what is it you have to do to keep those energy levels up? Make sure that the positive moments outnumber the negative, aiming for as many minor or major positive things.


If there is one thing you should prioritize in life, it is probably rest. Making the choice to pick sleep or other forms of rest over other activities is most likely the best thing to do for both your mental and physical health. According to Rath, it is what sets apart the world class performers from the sub-elite.

In general, taking decisions to improve your mental and physical health is the key to recharging and staying that way. For instance, eat things that will keep you energized through the day instead of giving you a short sugar rush leaving you starving the next hour. It is all about making the right decision to improve your life on a daily basis. After all, the daily decisions are what generates results on the long-term. Unfortunately, sleeping too short and having cake everyday simply makes us slow and feel non-energetic in the end.

Are you ready to find your true meaning in life? Ready to take on the phone challenge with me? And ready to start making daily decisions to improve your mental and physical health? In order words, are you ready to put yourself in a battery saving mode and plugged in the charger? I sure am, as I am not willing to give up my new-found energy by any means. Let us know your thoughts using the comment section below, as per usual.

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