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Why you should add the land of the dragon people to your bucket list

Why you should add the land of the dragon people to your bucket list

Long before there was Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons, there was another land with dragon people. And while I enjoy all Game of Thrones’ adventures in Westeros, this time I am talking about Vietnam here. For the past weeks, the Career Lions team has been traveling and enjoying Asia. As you’re probably well used to by now, we are sharing our reasons why you should consider traveling to Vietnam yourself. Read along if you’re ready to add the land of the dragon people to your bucket list!

Waking up in a fairytale

Ever been a fan of Disney or fairytales? We know we do! Booking a cruise to Vietnam’s Halong Bay might just be the way to wake up in a fairytale. Halong Bay is a collection of limestone isles and rock mountains in the sea. Most cruises provide an overnight stay, making sure you’ll wake up amidst all the beauty this UNESCO world heritage site has to offer. The one (super convenient) thing that keeps this fairytale a reality is the 4G mobile coverage in the whole area. The trip to Halong Bay is easiest to do from the city of Hanoi and has been my personal highlight of the whole trip.


Eating like a president

Yes, in Hanoi one can eat like a president. Like former President Obama, and that for only one euro a dish! While pho and spring rolls might be Vietnam’s most popular food, Hanoi’s local specialty Bun Cha has been the biggest positive surprise when it comes to our food adventures. Last year, Anthony Bourdain took Barack Obama to a local spot called Bun Cha Huong Lien where we also ate the same dish they did. We figured, if it’s good enough for Obama it’s good enough for us. And damn, it was! I am still drooling thinking back about this dish.


Dragon infrastructure, but literally

As if they needed another dragon, the city of Da Nang actually has this special piece of infrastructure crossing the Han river. Like the name says, the Dragon Bridge is a bridge with an actual dragon structure spanning over the complete width. The six-lane bridge is located close to the airport. I thought that would be the best excuse for the Uber to drive close to the bridge so I could see it with my own eyes. Not your typical piece of engineering, more of a must see for you fellow civil engineering nerds!


Enjoy lantern galore

Vietnamese like their lanterns, which they are not afraid to display. In the ancient town of Hoi An, lanterns fill the little streets, resulting in a colorful and spectacular sight. The same streets are even more magical in the evening, after the sun goes down. Close to the old district, one can also make a wish and light a lantern that is led off into the water. A bonus of walking around Hoi An’s ancient town? Cocobox! Cocobox is a juice bar with the nicest fresh fruit juices, providing you with a great way to cool a bit from the high temperatures outside. I particularly liked the fresh coconut water mixed with a little bit of pineapple.


It’s always tea time!

In Vietnam, it is always tea time. And while they offer great coffees, the tea selection was even better! Tea is one (if not THE) of our most preferred drinks as it has many benefits and simply tastes great without any sugar or calories. Local specialties include jasmine dragon pearl tea and pandan leaf tea. This last one is also known to be a mosquito repellent. As avoiding mosquitos is quite the obsession whenever I am in Asia, I think I’ve found myself the best excuse to drink an extra cup, just to be sure!

That’s it for now! And I haven’t even mentioned the BBQ food, beautiful caves, mellow island vibes, among others. Really, I could go on for days when it comes to why you should pay Vietnam a visit. Did you experience travelling to this country before or are you booking your ticket just now? Let us know in the comments below!

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