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How to level up your travel sleeping game

How to level up your travel sleeping game

Oh about last night. There were discolights, a talky MC and a loud and buzzing crowd. I wish I was talking about a night club, but unfortunately that was not the case. In order to get to Phong Nha National Park, we had to get an eight hour drive on a sleeper bus. It wasn’t my favourite activity during our trip in Asia, but it was a great way to put my sleeping travel gear to the test! Of the eight hour drive I was sleeping for about six or seven of them. Curious on my travel essentials for a good night’s rest? Then make sure to read on!

Keeping that neck steady

After some heavy usage over the past years, I think I can say I have found the one! I am talking about a neck pillow though here! After leaving my former fave at my parents’ house I had to buy a new one at the airport. As recommended by Ashley I got the 3-in-1 neck pillow by Samsonite. It is a little bit pricier than your regular neck pillow, but worth the little splurge. The pillow is filled with little synthetic microbeads which make the pillow comfy and makes sure you won’t look like a sleeping bobble head. The pillow has a smart cord system which makes it adjustable to the right shape you feel like sleeping or just chilling with. I have to confess I did that last one several times.

Temperature control

Buses and planes can get really cold with the harsh blowing airconditioning. If you’re a bit of a spaz like me, you’re not willing to use the nasty blankets that are provided, if so. As I’m also not willing to be freezing the whole ride, I take my little blanket with me. Not a real blanket, but a huge scarf that can double as a blanket. My favourite one is just a plain rectangular one from H&M, but any one will do actually. And let’s be honest, sleeping is best when you’re covered.

Discolight-proof the eyes

As I mentioned earlier, this sleeper bus had discolights. Bright red and blue lights were lit on the inside as well as the outside of the bus. We were warned by two French girls we met earlier on the trip, but it still blew my mind a little bit. Contrary to Kanye and Rihanna’s song All of lights we want none of the lights when attempting to sleep. This is where the eye mask comes along nicely. Especially the one from Muji’s travel collection. Not only is the fabric a really nice cotton that is soft on the skin and doesn’t frizz the hair, it comes with a little nose flap. The nose flap is basically a little extra fabric on the bottom of the eye mask. It closes the gap around your nose and therefore shuts out all of the lights. Discolight-proofing is guaranteed this way!

Avoiding cankles

Whenever I fly for more than eight hours I am at risk for getting cankles. Cankles? Yes, that’s when your ankles swell up to a size it looks like they just blend in with your calves. Not really aesthetically appealing for Instagram. To avoid this, I wear pressure socks by Human Nature. it keep the blood circulation in the bottom half of my body going and I haven’t had cankles ever since. A nice addition is that it also adds some warmth in the cold plane.

A little help for the bumpy ride

There’s one major thing I dread whenever I need to be on a long bumpy bus drive or plane ride with turbulence, that is getting sick. I’ve been nausious one too many times when travelling and that’s not a great way to spend your holiday. My salvation is taking pills for motion sickness. I even got through a plane landing during a typhoon without feeling sick when I’m on these pills. Why do I mention it here? One of the side effects from these pills is feeling sleepy. And I do not mean the yawning sleepiness kind. I mean the falling-asleep-and-cannot-fight-against it kind.

Basically, when I am on a plane, I am that person that falls asleep before take-off and wakes up during meals and a few minutes before landing. As I am always looking to improve my travel sleeping game, what are your essentials? Drop your suggestions in the comments below!

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