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72 Hours in Hong Kong for #careerlions

72 Hours in Hong Kong for #careerlions

Our holiday started off in Hong Kong where we had about three days to explore the city. While Liona has spend several months of her life in Hong Kong, it was a first for me. As I am sure that there are people eager to still visit or in for some tips for their next time, I would like to share with you some tips of places to eat, go, and shop. Read on if you are curious of the best places to visit in 72 hours.

Where to Eat

As you probably already know, Liona and I are massive foodies. Everything everywhere in the end simply revolves around food. We are no fun to be around when we are hungry, better said "HANGRY". During our time in Hong Kong we took the opportunity to indulge in all of our favorite dishes that we will share with you here.

Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi is a chain where you can have amazing sushi a la carte for amazing prices. The sushi goes around on a conveyor belt and you have your own cooker to make endless amounts of green tea. The sushi is great and the options are just amazing. Sushi's to at least have are the salmon roses, salmon flambé, sashimi and scallops.

Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan is the place in Hong Kong for Dim Sum. They have won multiple prices and currently have a Michelin Star. Again amazing food for amazing prices, dishes being only around 3 euro. The best one is the BBQ pork bun, where the bread is sugary and crispy with the best inside ever.


Crystal Jade

If you are ready for more Dim Sum, then you have got to pay a visit to Crystal Jade. They serve Xiao Long Bau, a dumpling that also has soup inside. Not easy to eat as you will have to eat it in one go while avoiding any mouth burns, but worth it either way. One of the best sensations out there.


Mong Kok Street Food

In Mong Kok there is a lot of street food. The ones that we tried and I am still craving are the eggnettes and fried squid. Eggnettes are like fluffy egg waffles. Also a great sensations and unlike anything I have had before. Not comparable at all with smoutebollen (in Antwerp), oliebollen (in the Netherlands) or Churros.


Hui Lau Shan

If you like deserts like me, then you are in for a treat at Hui Lau Shan. It is a desert place with many mango desert variations. They are served as Mochi, ice cream, and mango smoothies with toppings.


Where to Go

While we like to eat, we need some activities to burn off all of those calories and create extra appetite. A good way to stay fit while enjoying some new experiences. We walked around 14 to 15 kilometers a day, including shopping that is of course.

Big Buddha

Big Buddha is one of the must sees in Hong Kong, located very close to the airport. The best and most fun way to get there is by a cable car ride of about 25 minutes. This is a fabulous ride where you can feel the serenity take over. A much needed and contrasting relieve from the busy city life. Here, you can climb up the stairs to see the Big Buddha. This is great exercise by the way.


Nan Lian Garden

In the midst of the chaos, there is a great garden with temples that are nice and welcome place of serenity too. It is very nice to experience the extremes of both, as this enhances the contrast. A nice walk, but beware that you are not allowed to have any food or drinks and a selfie-stick for that matter. We found out that they are very strict.


Ferry Skyline View

A very cheap, fun and quite quick way to have an amazing view of the skyline is to the take the ferry from one side to the other side. We took the ferry from "TST" to the Hong Kong convention center where you can get on the metro again.

Lan Kwai Fong

If you are looking to go out for a drink or some dancing you should go to Lan Kwai Fong in Central. At night it is vibrant and a nice place to glance at the people strolling by.

Where to Shop

There is no way that you can avoid shopping in Hong Kong. It is one of the best places to shop I guess. We had to send most of our shopping back home to avoid carrying it around Vietnam in our backpacks. Here are some highlights of the shopping that according to me are a must visit. 


Argyle Center

For all the ladies, in Mong Kok there is a mall full of boutiques where you can try to find some nice bargains. They sell clothes to accessories, but the food there is also great. This is where we ended up having fresh eggnettes and fried squid.

Harbour City

The best mall ever basically. Everything you may want to find in an Asian mall. They have high-end  stores as well as affordable ones. The beauty section is amazing, but so is the food. Did I mention that Jamie's Italian is also situated in Harbour City?


If you are in to beauty shopping, this is the place to be. We bought a lot of Korean skincare products that are amazing. Liona has convinced me to really start using these, face masks mainly.

Sneaker Street

Fa Yuen street, also referred to as sneaker street, is completely overwhelming. I have never seen so many sports gear shops in one place. They sell amazing items that range from the regular collection to pairs and pieces that I have never seen anywhere before. A must visit for every sneaker fan!

City Gate Outlet

At the metro stop for Big Buddha there is also an outlet shopping mall. They sell brands like Adidas and Nike. We actually noticed that some of the items we bought were from the current collection still sold in the regular malls for a lot more.

Are you ready to visit any of these places next time you are in Hong Kong? Or any tips for our next stay there? Do share below, as I am sure planning my next trip to visit not long in the future.

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