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Being an introvert versus being an extravert

Being an introvert versus being an extravert

Liona: “Ashhhh, I had the worst day today! Wanna come over for dinner and hang?”

Ashley: “Oh, sure! I’ve been cocooning all night yesterday, so I am ready to hang!”

Different people, different views and different recharges when it comes to social engagements. As the intro suggests, we’re dealing with one extravert and one introvert at #careerlions headquarters here. But what does that mean exactly and what are the implications when it comes to work(ing together)? Read on to find out!

Being an introvert

AL: “As the definition suggests, as an introvert I am nothing without my alone time. I love being with my colleagues, friends, family, and significant other, just not all day every day! Some solo recharging is necessary to take on the next “social” activity. The definition of a social activity being any type of interaction with someone, including social media and greeting people you pass by probably.”

Being an extravert

LL: “I need my alone time every now and then, but my energy is at its highest when I have a lot of people around me, except for buzzkills of course. I love brainstorm sessions with big groups and love to be surrounded by my loves ones 24/7. Image how lonely I felt when I just moved out to live on my own, all by myself.”

The ideal work environment

AL: “Having my own non-flex desk that has all of my essentials at hand. I have worked at flex offices and studied a LOT in the library, but never really hit my productivity peak when I was not sitting in my preferred spot. I prefer an office that allows you to interact with colleagues, while still giving enough flexibility to zone out and do your deep work. My colleagues are the best and wouldn’t want to trade them for the world, but to really concentrate I need to tune out. That is why I have my noise cancelling headphones”.

LL: “I work in an office where all desks are flex, meaning everyone can sit anywhere. The whole wing is one big open space where colleagues can work and talk at the same time. There are some little meeting rooms, whenever one needs to consult a co-worker. This basically comes close to my ideal work environment. Whenever I really need to work in solitude I just stay home and work from the comfort of my unicorn pyjama’s (and did I mention I have matching unicorn slippers).”

Preferably, my schedule would look something like this..

AL: “My ideal agenda does not involve too many social events during the workweek. At night, I like to keep some downtime at home and have dedicated days where I go to the gym or dance class straight after work. Friday nights are a pain in the ass to meet with people if it is not in the Amsterdam area, simply because traffic jams are a nightmare. On weekends, I do like to meet up with friends, get in some more exercising and work on #careerlions of course.”

LL: “The biggest misconception about me being an extravert is that I have to be around people all the time. According to some personality tests I am actually one that likes to party all day every day, which isn’t true. I keep my social events to a minimum during the week and make sure I have a full day to myself on the weekends. I love starting the weekend with some quality time with friends on Friday night. It makes me feel like I can drop off all work-related stuff and enjoy some free time. When it comes to scheduling work related stuff, I like to have my appointments in the afternoon and time to work on some stuff in the mornings as I feel that’s when I am focused. On the other hand, conflicting schedules are a pain in the butt in the corporate world and I occasionally find myself in meetings at 6.15 in the morning. Not my favourite thing in the world, but unavoidable sometimes.”

Working together (alone)

AL: “I love working with colleagues. In my opinion, working in a team really can contribute to achieving the best possible result. While working together, I do need my time to think and reflect by myself as well. Just working together in a group can be a bit overwhelming. The same goes for days with just meetings straight. Working in a team while having your own individual work to contribute and discuss is probably most comfortable for me.”

LL: “I enjoy working in group settings in the office. I can work comfortably with buzzing and excitement around me. However, when it comes to writing, I prefer to work individually. When we just started it was quite exciting to see how we would work together and on which parts of running a blog. However, it has been really enjoyable and great so far. Most things come naturally and we try to do the stuff we’re not only individually good at, but also what we seem to enjoy the most. To be quite frank, it has been going better than I imagined (guess I prepared for the worst, but hoped for the best). It also helps that Ashley is not only my business partner, but also bestie. She knows how I feel even without me saying a thing, and vice versa. Thus far it has been working for us and I hope we can continue this journey with just as much fun, or even more!”

So, there you go, a little glimpse into two extreme personalities and how we deal with this in our daily work environment and blog. What about you? Are you more of an introvert or extravert? What do you need to do to charge up emotionally? Let us know in the comments below as we’re curious to find out!

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