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Rapid fire questions part II

Rapid fire questions part II

As you may already know, we are both huge fans of the Tim Ferriss show podcast. The two of us can only dream of being world class performers one day and get interviewed by mister Ferriss himself. A while ago we answered some of his famous rapid fire questions on the blog. Today we will share with you the answers to the second lot of rapid fire questions knowing that this is far from reality, but preparing for the slight possibility that this may one day become true. Read this blog if you are curious to know what the second lot of rapid fire questions is and what our answers are!

What is the book (or books) you’ve given most as a gift?

Ashley: Honestly, I don’t gift a lot of books. For some reason the people I buy gifts for are just not huge readers like myself or Liona. I do like to gift cookbooks or travel books more as this is usually more appreciated by my family and friends. Usually I buy a book that is right for them, such as a book with BBQ recipes for my uncle or a Lonely Planet for their next trips. The book I have gifted more often is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The book I would most likely gift next is Tools of Titans. I believe it is one of those books every one interested in personal development should own.

Liona: That would be #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I absolutely loved this book, as I like to call it porn for #careerlions. It’s the perfect book for birthdays, graduations or just random for any female friend. I like to think my girl squad consists of #girlbosses in the making only. When it comes to men, (whenever I’ve already gifted #Girlboss) Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss would be my choice. The book has tips and tricks from the world’s greatest performers when it comes to health, wealth and being wise. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have an interest in those subjects. So, there’s something for everybody when it comes to this book!

What is your favorite documentary or movie?

Ashley: The Grinch is my absolute favorite movie ever. While most people would say that I throw the word favorite around a little too easily, this is for sure my most favorite movie yet. I have probably watched it over thirty times. It is one of those movies that reminds me of my childhood, the warmth of Christmas, to love and not hate, and the importance of family. I get emotional every time I watch the movie. When little Taylor Momsen sings “Where are you Christmas?” it always touches my heart. I love the way Jim Carrey has set the character and the amount of work that has gone into detailing Whoville. Did I mention that the dog in the movie is beyond cute?

Liona: No doubt, the Harry Potter movie series is my ultimate love. They were great when I was growing up and they are great now. Whenever I’m ill, I need to watch one of the movies as I always seem to feel better afterwards. That whole theory was a bit wonky when Ashley and I were having a five-day food poisoning in Bali, we got to watch all eight movies.

When it comes to documentaries I love to watch Megastructures, I mean that’s the whole reason I chose to work in the construction industry. I even secretly hope my side career as a vlogger brings me enough practice so I could one day become Megastructure’s new host. And while I am at that topic, preferably an episode on the construction of the Hyperloop track. A nerd can only dream, right?

What purchase of €100 or less has most positively impacted your life in the last 6 months?

Ashley: The “most” part of this rapid-fire question I find particularly hard. Obviously, I would have multiple favorite purchases that impacted my life positively. So, first off are the Bose earphones I bought a few weeks ago. Without earphones, my life would definitely not be the same. They are great to call when you are on route, for exercising and practicing my dance routines. The quality is perfect and I don’t feel closed off from the world as they are not noise cancelling. Secondly, my Sistema Fruit Infuser. It is one of those water bottles that allows you to put herbs and fruits in, while making sure that the content is kept contained in the middle. You will not have a mint leave stuck in your mouth every time you take sip or those annoying seeds popping up out of nowhere. The bottle is also dishwasher save, leak proof and can contain about 800ml. Last of all, my Casio watch. I didn’t wear a watch for years until a few weeks ago I realized I really missed it. In meetings, I was continuously trying to figure out what time it is without coming across rude. At home and in my car the clocks are not all set properly so I also had to reach for the clock only to do some basic math after specifically to the clock. Now I am all set and ready to potentially be on time!

Liona: I have been a foam roller fan for a few years now, and I am hooked on a new one! It’s the Match-U foam roller with these pressure points. The pressure points have been especially nice for my sore neck. My brother Andrew introduced me to this particular roller. After trying out his (every time I went to visit him) I just had to get one of my own. At only €25, this is a true bang for your buck.

Here’s another awesome travel tip for you: the Muji eye mask! What makes this eye mask different from all others? Not only is it made from the softest cotton, it has a little piece of fabric between the eyes and nose to shut out all the light. These have been real life savers on the plane for me. To be honest this was not a discovery of the last six months, but I did re-purchase it again, that counts, too right?

What are your morning rituals? What do the first 60 minutes of your day look like?

Ashley: I am going to have to say that my morning ritual is nothing fancy. In my dreams, I am one of those meditating guru’s that is a morning person, exercises, is on time, and totally zen. In reality I snooze for at least a half an hour and stumble from the bed to the couch. After some online shopping, I usually make it to the kitchen for some lemon water or lemonade and breakfast. Usually yogurt with Granola or toast from the best toaster ever (SMEG!) with some butter and chocolate hazelnut spread from the bakery (Maison Kelder). I eat this on the couch accompanied with some Netflix. By the time I have grabbed myself together, I take a quick shower and start the beautifying process. This is desperately needed, as my sleep is by no means a beauty sleep. I do my makeup, again accompanied by Netflix, and then throw on some clothes. By that time, I am already so late that I have to run out the door and sit in traffic. This is the time to take out my phone and call Liona for some #girltalk. If she is already at work, which happens frequently given that I am not a morning person and don’t work in construction, I sing along with my Spotify playlist.

Liona: Snooze, more snooze and then Exorcist my way out of bed. Really, the morning is not my strongest moment of the day. I am improving though! There are some things I HAVE to do in the morning. I start with brushing my teeth, take my vitamins with lemon water, do a short meditation session with Headspace (on a 54-day streak here!), and enjoy a hot and cold shower. When I come out of the shower I start on my make-up and drink some coffee or tea. My current morning go to’s are either the AH Perla Excellent Brasil coffee beans or Yogi Detox tea. If there’s time for breakfast I love having avocado toast or eggs, or even better, avocado toast topped with eggs. I jump in my car and start driving to the office. During the car drive I like to do my phone meetings or have some girl talk with Ashley. If she’s not up yet (which happens frequently) I just enjoy some podcast or music. Oh, and whenever I am listening to music, I mean singing and dancing to it as well.

We had so much fun answering these questions again and dreaming about being on the podcast ourselves one day. What would be your answers if you got to be interviewed by Tim Ferriss? What kind of world-class performer are you working on becoming? Do share it with us in the comment section.

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