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Rapid Fire Questions Part I

Rapid Fire Questions Part I

As huge fans of the Tim Ferriss show podcast we can only dream of being world class performers one day and get interviewed by mister Ferriss himself. One can only dream… And while we’re preparing for that huge milestone in our lives, we might as well share our answers on his rapid fire questions. Read on if you’re curious to know our responses!

What is something you believe that other people think is insane?

Ashley: That it is a brilliant idea to read multiple books at the same time. I mostly read non-fiction and find that I am always drawn to multiple books at once, while some more than others. Moreover, I find some books work great just before falling asleep while others are more of a read while going on trips or reading on weekends. Books require a certain state of mind so to say.

Liona: Being hopeful works. Ask Ashley, she knows better than no other that I am always SO hopeful about stuff. I have to admit, it’s more wishful thinking than realistic. However, I feel that whenever you have this idea in your head and stay hopeful, you’ll be unconsciously finding a way to make things happen. On the other hand, I get that people think I am insane when I believe it also influences the weather. But hey, it doesn’t hurt anyone and it makes me happy, so who cares?

What obsessions do you explore on the evenings or weekends?

Ashley: As you all know, I also have a full-time job as an analyst at an airline. Therefore, I work on #careerlions on nights and weekends. Obviously, this is one of my obsessions that keeps me occupied. Of course, we started Career Lions as we wanted to share with you our passion to engineer our lives. So, that continues to be another obsession of mine that I pursue in my off time; reading non-fiction books, doing courses such as French and Java and trying to work on becoming the version of myself. Besides that, I am very much obsessed with Irish dancing. I started dancing when I was six years old. While I stopped for many years along the way, I was never quite able to get the dancing out of my head. Exercising in general is something that I need to stay sane, but dancing is the thing I love and can always make me forget about my worries. If you are not aware of what Irish dancing is, try watching the documentary “The Big Jig”. Other than that, I love cooking and eating. Food is probably my ultimate obsession, all day every day.

Liona: I have had many episodes of obsessions from everything avocado (including having avocado toast for breakfast every day, guacamole as a snack while wearing a tee that says “Holy guacamole” and avocado printed pajamas) to Harry Potter and doing deadlifts. The one that actually stuck over the last year has to be working on CAREERLIONS.COM though! Not only does that mean maintaining the website and writing for the blog, as our main theme is to engineer your life I get to dig into everything that has to do with improving my lifestyle. Lifestyle design is something I got in touch with a few years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. The fact that I get to do little experiments under the guise of research is a bonus. That Harry Potter obsession still arises every now and then though. I mean, if there’s an exposition with props from the movies just an hour from my house, I NEED to go visit that, right?!

If you could have one gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it, what would it say?

Ashley: “Don’t be a victim” – Terrible things happen all time. In my opinion, not necessarily for reason. I mean, would there really be someone out there writing scripts for every one on this planet and then also take into account all interactions. Sounds like a very complex algorithm. However, we are all given time on this earth. Some more than others. We can either enjoy it or feel sorry for ourselves. Most things that happened are in the past and by no means reversible. There is a fine line between feeling sad sometimes vs. being sad. Are you a victim or a victor? Be ready to take responsibility and stop passing blame.

Liona: “Get your head out of your butt” – Yes, really. Even though I can be quite the millennial myself, I always try to put things in perspective and have quite the taste for self-mockery. If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s people who take themselves way too serious. Yes, you need to be on point when it comes to your job, career, health, goals and so on. But what’s the point if you’re not having fun or forget to enjoy the journey? There’s more to life than just you and in our 24/7 online world we tend to forget that. So, get that head out of your butt and start enjoying!

What have you changed your mind about in the last few years? Why?

Ashley: That rest is overrated. My schedule a few years back would start early in the morning and end 12 at night, weekends included. Of course, my planning wasn’t all work as I enjoyed my student life very much. However, partying takes up quite a lot of energy too. I would always keep up with my schedule until I cracked and got sick for more than five days. At that point, I would have to get home as soon as possible and lie in bed for the next few days. Food? Well, only if my roommate would be so kind to go to the shops for me as walking to the kitchen was all the energy I had. Now, I always try to make sure I schedule in rest/off/alone-time. This is what I need to keep from getting sick again every few months. Luckily, I can perform more constantly and my body doesn’t throw a regular fit. 

Liona: Alone-time is necessary to recharge and stay sane. Completely ridiculous, the extravert in me used to think. I’m the kind of person that likes to be surrounded by people, whether those are my loved ones, people at parties or just in public. Or at least, I used to be until I felt like a total people pleaser (which I talk about in this article). Of course, I still enjoy people’s company, but man have I started enjoying and appreciating my alone-time. Every now and then I need to recharge solo. How does that look like? Not too pretty I guess. It is usually on Saturday morning, when I wake up, make myself a yummy breakfast, start doing laundry and relax on my couch reading a book. My face is a makeup free zone for the day and I would do all that in the glory of my comfy yoga pants. After an alone-time session like that I am ready to take on the world again. However, what Ashley said about rest is also something I recognize. In my time at University, I would go to classes and work on projects Monday through Friday and work in retail Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. The nights I would try to work out and do social stuff. Nowadays, I try to plan moments to rest, usually that goes combined with my alone-time.

We had so much fun answering these questions and fantasizing about being on the podcast. If Tim Ferriss would interview you, what would your answers be? What kind of world class performer are you working on becoming? Let us know in the comments below!


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