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Monthly ROARs - JUNE 2017

Monthly ROARs - JUNE 2017

Hello there #careerlion!

Today we would like to share with you our ROARs of this month. A small list with things that we have been enjoying and deserve a shout out


Fave tech development – First European Hyperloop test facility

It was all over the media and for obvious reasons. The first European Hyperloop test facility has been revealed at the grounds of the TU Delft. The Dutch Hyperloop team from HARDT Global Mobility partnered with BAM to realize this awesome step in transport development. I was there and couldn’t be prouder that my current company is taking part in such an innovative project at my old University. I also documented the day, here!

Fave new show – Fear{less}

YES! It’s like the Tim Ferriss Show podcast, but with video! Can it get better? Yes, it can as Ferriss’ first guest is the great David Blaine. Not only did Blaine tell about his performance secrets, he also showed some (gross but awesome) sword swallowing skills! If you enjoy the podcast, this is a must see!

Fave book – The art of learning by Josh Waitzkin

I don’t do Tai Chi and I don’t do chess, but reading about the principles of learning has got me fascinated about this chess and Tai Chi world champion anyway. I love that learning is such a universal skill and Waitzkin elaborates on the principles of learning with great examples and experiences.



Fave tea – Mariage Frères

I had a Mariage cup of tea once when we had a family dinner in Noordwijk. Obsessed ever since, I found out getting the tea in the Netherlands is challenging/expensive. During one of my duty trips last week, I finally got to go to Mariage Frères in Paris. There I got my hands on the best Christmas tea out there (Esprit de Noël) and a lovely rose tea (Elephant Blanc). LOVE!

Fave gadget – Bose SoundSport

My IPhone earplugs died and I was in desperate need of new ones to do the daily phone calls with Liona in the car and practice dancing. I decided on this Bose SoundSport pair; comfortable, don't fall out and the sound is amazing. No noise cancelling, making them safe in the car and exercising outside as well.

Fave game – Roller Coaster Tycoon

A tip from our friend Nikki, Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic is available on your tablet. The full version with all different groups and levels; Graphite, Emerald and so on. A great way to unwind on your off time. A bit of nostalgia for all millennials out there. Caution: the game is very much addictive…

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What were your monthly ROARs? Let us know in the comments below and good luck on another month's of engineering your life!

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