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Monthly ROARs - MAY 2017

Monthly ROARs - MAY 2017

Hello there #careerlion!

Today we would like to share with you our ROARs of this month. A small list with things that we have been enjoying and deserve a shout out


Fave book – How to get filthy rich in rising Asia by Mohsin Hamid

This book is incredibly well written and is something else than your regular fiction book when it comes to writing style. The story follows a small village boy in Asia on his way to getting filthy rich. Also entertaining is the parody on self-help books.

Fave mode of transportation – my new turquoise bike

After missing the tram by seconds for the fifth consecutive time while trying to get into the city, I just gave in and finally bought a new bike. A turquoise one to be exact. I don’t know how I’ve lived six years without one! Now I can go and bike to my favorite breakfast spot!

Fave musthave – HEMA A6 notebook

A6 sized notebooks that are actually cute and affordable are precious! Luckily Dutch chain HEMA has come out with super nice ones this month, I’ve been stocking up. I especially love the idea of always being able to write down my thoughts and ideas. This size is especially nice as it fits even the back pocket of your jeans!


Fave Restaurant - Jamie's Italian

By now you are probably aware that I am a major Jamie fan girl. Possessing most of his books and all. I never plan dinner's out and thus always sabotaged an opportunity to get a table at Jamie's Italian. The waiting was worth it! The food was magnificent and the atmosphere was great.

Fave Buy - Kusmi Tea

Tea is everything, I can't remember the day that I did not have at least one cup. I usually buy loose tea at Simon Levelt or Holland and Barret (the Christmas tea), but now I finally budged. I got tea at Kusmi when I was in Paris, the "BB Detox" and "The vert a la rose". Since then, I have had cups everyday!

Fave Serie - #Girlboss

#Girlsboss, the Netflix serie that I had waited months for. A great series for all #girlbosses out there. One of those series that inspires you to aspire. It is based Sophia Amoruso's book on her journey, setting up her vintage clothing company "Nasty Gal". The acting, styling, story line and filming, all of it was great. I totally wish that there were multiple seasons.

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What were your monthly ROARs? Let us know in the comments below and good luck on another month's of engineering your life!

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