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Why All #Careerlions Should Drink Coconut Water

Why All #Careerlions Should Drink Coconut Water

A few years ago, Liona and I were participating in the Nike women’s run in Amsterdam together with our friends Rianne and Nikki. Being injured and never ever having run 10k, Liona was trying to prepare me. There she was with her coconut water. Not to be confused with coconut milk. It is a clear liquid distilled from young green coconuts. You should have seen my face. Why in the hell would someone drink this?! WHY O WHY?! Well it didn’t help that the one she gave me wasn’t chilled, I can’t really say that coconut water is the tastiest drink on our beloved earth. I have grown accustomed to it now and I actually enjoy the taste (of some brands, very important side note here). You might be wondering, why would one need to drink this not so tasty coconut water? Here is why!

1.   Anti-eczema

I have recently started drinking it again, as my skin was basically falling off parts of my hand and I was getting small outbreaks of eczema. This has only been happing since about two years so I wasn’t that familiar with the best tips and tricks to treat this. Well, here is one for you: COCONUT WATER! Surprise surprise, it works like a charm. After a few days of drinking coconut water along with some tea and regular water, you see the outbreaks disappear. It is almost magical. Drinking the water works moisturizing from within.

2.   Hydration magic

Coconut water is also the magic drink for all of you #fitgirls and boys. It is a lot my hydrating than water and regular sport drinks. The water contains many of the minerals the body loses when exercising, without all of the unnecessary added sugars. It includes calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium. It is also supposed to really help prevent cramps.

3.   Digestion

The high concentrations of fiber make coconut water a source of relief for those with digestion issues. The fiber and potassium levels also helps reduce acid reflux.

4.   Diet proof

With the low-fat content in coconut water, you can drink as much as you want without consuming your calories on drinking. However, the best part is still to come: it is appetite suppressing! A welcoming benefit for someone that is chronically hungry.

5.   Instant holiday feels

Another benefit of a slightly different caliber, but I can’t help like feel a bit of holiday spirit when I drink coconut water. I love getting fresh coconut’s when I am on holiday, especially when I am reading a book chilling on the beach on an island far away from the regular chaos.

Tips when buying your coconut water, don’t go for the cheapy version. For those of you living in the Netherlands, the one by AH is disgusting. The one from Innocent is really good, but a bit on the expensive side even for coconut water. Vita coco in my opinion is way too sweet. I found the best price quality to be the one by healthy people. Liona’s tip is to get it at the Asian supermarket where they also sell nice small sizes for on the go. I generally go everywhere with my 1L unit.

Are you already a coconut water fan or are you yet to give it a try? Other drinks or foods we should give a try? Don’t hesitate to share below, we are curious to know your thoughts.

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